Campaign of the Month: September 2018

Shadows of the Rift

Rage and Raven: The Curse of Punari (Part Four)

Part Four


23 Ardor 508

Rhain, Lenoria, Tag, Regna, and Tavayne are inside the cursed monastery of Punari. They have just finished off 5 skeletal monks and are sifting through the treasures they have found distributed on the floor of the chamber. After collecting the treasure, they continue through the monastery.

Eventually, they find their way into a large chamber containing the shambling, walking, corpse of a mummified monk. This formidable creature proves to be a challenge for the party, but in the end they prevail. Tag finds a secret door and discovers two rooms filled to the brim with exotic weapons of various types and styles. He finds nothing more of interest.

Moving on, they encounter more of the lesser skeletons, as well as a wraith, along with a fair amount of treasure, and eventually make their way to the other side of the monastery, where they encounter more skeletal monks, and, finally, a mummy that must be Punari himself. After a long fight, in which Lenoria finally calls upon the intervention of Imtiau, the mummy is defeated—with both the luck of the goddess and a well-placed throw of alchemical fire from Tag. The remains burn quickly and drop a blackened heap of ashes upon the floor in the shape of a raven.

Going through, they utilize Lenoria’s hide from undead spell to avoid encounters with more horrors. They encounter another couple of mummies (one which they catch on fire) and then come upon a chamber with a pedestal holding a book. Hovering over the book and pedestal is a shadow. They dispatch the shadow and claim the book, “The Manual of the Mountain Panther.”

They gather up all of treasure they’ve collected and place it on the carts outside. By this time, the sun is sinking low on the horizon and they decide to camp for the night and tackle the rest of the monastery in the morning—with the help of Lenoria’s spell.


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