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Shadows of the Rift

Rage and Raven: Curse of Punari (Part Two)

Part Two


26 Illumination 508

Lenoria, Regna, Rhain, and Tag are all on board the Fogbringer en route to the city of Asdari in Achera.

The ship encounters some high winds, which, unfortunately, originate from the opposite direction and impede the progress of the ship. The captain, Bartz Boilston, lets them know that this will probably delay their arrival in Asdari by a day.

27 Illumination 508

The ship sails into a bank of heavy fog, thwarting navigation and impeding the ship’s progress even further.

28 Illumination 508

The ship eventually emerges from the fog bank and progresses toward their destination.

29 Illumination 508

Tag is up in the crow’s nest with one of the sailors when when they spot a ship approaching. The sailor pulls out a spyglass and checks out the ship and starts calling out “Black flag! Black flag approaching!” This spurs a great deal of activity on the ship.

Tag asks what “Black flag” means and is told it means pirates. Weapons are being brought out of a locker for the crew.

Meanwhile, down in the hold, Rhain comes up to see what the ruckus is about. When he hears there could be pirates, he returns for his weapons and armor and tells Regna what’s going on.

The party gathers around the captain to find out what they should do. The captain assumes that they will wish to defend themselves. Rhain says that if they defend the ship, they should get a discount on their passage. Rhain’s blatant mercenary tendencies offends the captain and the captain says that if they don’t wish to defend themselves, that’s their own business. Lenoria attempts to placate the man and manages to get him to say that they can negotiate a price after the fighting is done. Rhain isn’t satisfied with this and stations himself at the door to the hold while the others take up battle positions. Tag hides near one of the masts to get into a good sniping position. Tavayne climbs up into the rigging, takes out his fiddle, and begins to play, inspiring the crew to do their best against the marauders.

Soon, the Fogbringer is rammed by the other ship and lines are thrown over. The Fogbringer is boarded by pirates. The marauders seem to be berserk with a killing rage and are tough opponents. Rhain enters the fray when he sees that Lenoria is threatened and Tag fires his crossbow with deadly aim at those that accost Regna. The melee is crowded on the deck of the Fogbringer and when one man falls, another is ready to take his place.

After the party has taken out about half a dozen of the pirates, they hear a cheer rise up from the crew of the Fogbringer. The crowded deck seems to be clearing out a bit. Tag hides and climbs up the mast. He sees the pirate captain limping across the deck to the his own ship. He takes a shot at him and hits him in the rump. Another cheer goes up from the crew of the Fogbringer. The pirate captain is ordering his crew to retreat and they make their way back to their ship. The party manages to attack a few of them as they make their way over. Regna attacks the pirate captain with Magic Missiles. Finally, the pirate ship pulls away and is too far away to attack.

Captain Boilston makes a speech thanking his crew and the party for running off the pirates. He orders grog all around in celebration. There were some injuries to his crew, but no deaths, fortunately. He informs the party that they just fought off Captain “Whiskey” Jakin Tallfellow of the Thorny Rose, a notorious pirate out of the Jirran Freeholds.

Lenoria and the captain go to his cabin to discuss their compensation for fighting off the pirates with the crew. After a tense negotiation, the captain agrees to forgo half of their passage fees and he’ll agree to have them on the ship again.

Meanwhile, Tag is having a grand time relating his role in fighting off the pirates—especially shooting “Captain Bolt-Butt” with his crossbow. Regna and Rhain return to the hold to relax.

30 Illumination 508

The sailor in the crow’s nest spots some flotsam in the water near the ship, directing the helmsman to avoid it. Tag looks over and sees the corner piece of a chest floating in the water. Sunlight gleams off of something metallic inside the corner piece. He begs for help in getting the flotsam. Lenoria offers to cast Water Walk on him to let him get it. Tag jumps at the chance to walk on water.

Lenoria casts her spell and Tag starts walking on the water beside the ship. He points out the damage the pirate ship has done to the Fogbringer and the barnacles on the side. Then he goes up to the flotsam and scoops it up. Inside the corner piece he finds two metal boot heel plates. He takes them and discards the remains of the chest. He keeps walking on the sea until the spell gives out and then clings to the side of the ship until he is hauled back up.

Lenoria determines that there is mild magic on the boot heel plates. They take the plates to Regna and she determines that they could allow the wearer a bonus to their stealth (+2). They will just need to be placed on someone’s boots with cobbler’s nails. Unfortunately, Tag doesn’t wear boots—except for that one time, back in Crownport.

The rest of the day goes by quietly—except for Tag telling his story of the pirate battle again.

1 Ardor 508

Today brings heavy rain to the trip. Everyone keeps under tarps or in the hold, delaying the journey.

2 Ardor 508

The rain finally lets up and, that afternoon, the ship arrives at the harbor of Asdari. After paying their “gate” taxes, the party manages to find rooms at The Topaz Dagger. They then discuss their next moves.

According to the map they were given, it is 80 miles to the monastery from Asdari. They will be crossing jungle to get to a mountain pass. After much debate, they decide that they will buy a cart with mules to haul food and supplies on instead of buying riding horses. They also decide to rent chests with the Bank of Asdari to hold some of their goods in while they are gone. They head out to the market district to secure all of the supplies that they think they will need for the journey and for the expedition.

3 Ardor 508

The party sets out of Asdari toward the monastery.


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