Campaign of the Month: September 2018

Shadows of the Rift

Interlude: At the Fat Hero

Drinks with a Tryst


14 Chillwind 508

After stopping off at the armorer’s so that Mõrvar could place place an order, Savaric and he head to the Fat Hero.

The Fat Hero is located near The Jetties, which is essentially a city park located between the east and south gates of the city. A waterfall is formed here through the city walls where the Lesser Mondira River meets the Arahani River. The water is gathered in a smallish (but deep) lake. The lake is surrounded by park lands.

The inn looks slightly dilapidated and in ill-repair. It could definitely use a paint job. A sign hangs out front depicting an obese man practically busting out of a suit of plate armor. Savaric and Mõrvar can hear raucous laughter and music coming from inside the common room. They can also smell sweat, cheap ale, and the faint odor of cat piss in the air over the smell of river water from the Jetties.

Inside they see a common room filled with working class, and lower class, humans, half-orcs, half-elves, dwarves, halflings, and even a few goblin sidekicks. A raggedy human bard is playing a fiddle on a makeshift stage, narrowly dodging debris being halfheartedly thrown at him by the goblins. A balding, eye-patch wearing half-orc is behind the main desk.

As they walk in, Mõrvar tells Savaric to watch out for thieves. He stops just inside, his chest bowed out, and scans the room for female companionship. A surly-looking dwarf with a puckered scar for a left cheek scowls at Mõrvar as he walks in. Morvar gives him a death stare and the dwarf backs off, muttering into his drink, clearly shaken by the look. Mõrvar spots a comely woman sitting on the lap of a bald bruiser, though it’s clear she’s a “professional.” He also sees an attractive woman wearing black and silver leathers sitting at the bar. She appears to be half-elven and wears a longsword and dagger at her side. She seems amused by the antics of the goblins and appears to be drinking alone. Mõrvar selects a table and settles in, keeping a hand on his belt pouch. He asks Savaric to secure them rooms for the night.

Savaric, for his part, does not secure rooms. He’s hoping to return with Mõrvar to the Red Wolf Hall tonight and join the others. Savaric returns to the table with a pitcher of ale. Soon, they are joined at their table Halvor, one of the soldiers in their retinue.

“I told you all to set up at the Red Wolf, what are you doing here?” Savaric demands.

“We’re all set up, sir. We were dismissed and Master Mõrvar said something about free drinks,” Halvor says.

“Master Mõrvar obviously isn’t feeling well. Here is your free drink," Savaric pours from his pitcher, “I hope you’re as interested in bring him back as much as I am,” Savaric says.

Halvor sips from his mug, “Emotions are running high, to be sure. Maybe some hearty taverning will do the man some good. I’m happy to help in any way I can to make sure he makes it home safe and sound.”

“Still not sure what to say to get some sense in his head, but I suppose we have some time to come up with something," Savaric says.

Mõrvar sees Halvor and shakes his hand in welcome. He then makes his way over to the bar and the comely half-elf. He asks her what she’s drinking and orders the same for himself. He also sends a bottle of whiskey over to Savaric’s table. She’s having ale and happily takes the offered drink. She introduces herself as Beldis.

The two converse with each other in Tradespeak for a time, enjoying each other’s company. Mõrvar keeps an eye on his companions, making sure they always have drinks. He watches his own drinking, however, not drinking as much as Beldis or his companions.

Beldis is an adventurer between jobs. Her last adventuring party broke up over an argument about dispensation of the shares of the last take. She’s in town looking for a job and a party—she usually doesn’t work alone. She’s done work as a scout and, occasionally, as a thief. She’s Boraelan by birth, but has traveled around quite a bit.

She urges Mõrvar to drink—she doesn’t like to be the only one drinking.

Mõrvar has another drink, but can tell that Beldis is drunk. She asks if he’d like to go upstairs and Mõrvar says that he would. Mõrvar sends another gallon of ale to Savaric’s table.

Savaric and Halvor see Mõrvar heading upstairs with the half-elf woman as another gallon of ale reaches their table. Savaric hears a whispered Message in Joslac not to follow them up.


Beldis is sleeping peacefully. Mõrvar collects his things and makes sure nothing is missing. All is intact. He heads downstairs and leaves word with the desk that he can be found at Red Wolf Hall. He finds Savaric and says, "I believe it’s time to move on to the Red Wolf. I am done here.”

“Excellent, let us get back to the others,” Savaric says.

Halvor, for his part, is happily drunk. The three of them head back to Red Wolf Hall.


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