Campaign of the Month: September 2018

Shadows of the Rift

Interlude: At Red Wolf Hall

Private Conversations


14 Chillwind 508

Alasir and Alfhild get the soldiery into formation as the train heads to the inn. Alasir makes it clear that they are still on the job until they are dismissed.

The Hall is located near the city center, not far from the University. One can see the University’s amphitheater up on Sage Hill from the inn.

Red Wolf Hall is a very nice inn with many creature comforts. The innkeep, a ruddy-faced man with a receding hairline, does make it clear, however, that he does not allow lodging in his common room. Rooms will have to be secured for everyone. Fortunately, rooms appear to be available, though people will have to share and it will be tight.

The common room seems lively, filled with well-to-do travelers and visitors to the city center, as well as their retinues. There is a small stage in the common room that currently appears to be empty.

After a brief discussion with the innkeep, it is ascertained that there are 9 private rooms, 3 small suites, 2 average suites, and 1 Luxury suite. Rooms, meals, and stabling are secured for two days. Once room assignments are made, the soldiers head out to the common room, with the exception of Halvor, who heads out the door.

Rilka nods her approval. She arranges for a personal bath & laundry service. As the guards and gear get settled, she touches Surm’s shoulder and says in a low voice, “It would be good for us to talk. Let me buy you something to drink.”

Surm says, “I’d like to get the obelisk to the sage, it’s going to take time to research. I’ll go make those arrangements now, you hold down the Hall in case someone returns, probably in trouble. I’ll take Mahgnus and Alasir with me.”

He begins packing. Before he leaves, Rilka points out they should also arrange for rooms for Savaric and Mõrvar. “Savaric intends to bring your brother home tonight.”

Surm says, “That’s not what I understood, Mõrvar plans to stay out on his own and I thought Savaric was too. But, we can book Savaric a room if you think he’ll return without Mõrvar.”

Rilka replies, “He said he was accompanying Mõrvar to let him blow off some steam, then they were going to catch up with us. I assumed that meant later on tonight.” She pauses, “Although perhaps you are both expecting that process to take longer than I was.”

Surm arranges for a room for Savaric on his way out with Mahgnus and Alasir to visit the University.

After a quick bath, Rilka waits in the common room and keeps an eye on things. She doesn’t distance herself from the guards, but is relatively quiet.

When Surm returns a couple of hours later, he finds Rilka. “Rilka, may we speak privately in your room?”

Rilka nods and rises from her chair. They head upstairs to talk.

Later, when Rilka and Surm re-emerge and head downstairs, Rilka will speak briefly with Kortash and invite him to share her room that night. Kortash gladly accepts the invitation.


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