Shadows of the Rift

Session Thirty-One
The Gathering Storm


2 Longday 508

After being up all day, all night, and part of the following day, Surm and Savaric are feeling fatigued.

Surm and his brother, Mõrvar, ask about after Mirka, the priestess of Ulfethinn, and find that she is at that temple, which is a small fortification on one of the hills just out side of the village. Once there, they are met by a young man, a guard, at the gate, who asks “Who goes there?”

“Surm Ulrich to see Mirka. Now, boy!”

Mõrvar gives the guard a look. The boy says, “Uh, the priestess is resting.” Surm walks away, leaving Mõrvar staring at the guard.

They then go to Girda’s house, the widow of the late king of Yrda. Her household guards let them in. They inform Surm that she has gone to rest with Loran, her son. He tells the guards to let her know that he came by and to send for him at his tent at her convenience. The brothers then return to their camp to rest.

The rest of the camp, including Rilka, settles in to get eight hours of rest.

That evening, the camp wakes up, and Rilka opens a discussion of when they are going to leave and what their next plans are. Mõrvar and Surm want to talk to Mirka about recruiting more fighters from within the ranks of village, but Surm doesn’t want to do it if it is going to cause problems with Rilka. They don’t think they’ll get more help in Valtan as they came to Yrda for help. Rilka thinks that Mirka may have contacts. Rilka seems to want to hedge on the question. She wants any able-bodied fighters in Yrda to stay. Surm and Mõrvar once again try to persuade her that sending out able-bodied fighters send a strong message, even if it leaves the village undefended.

Furfur croaks “Dead men tell no tales” and laughs.

Surm wants to know if Rilka is prepared to go against the elders and recruit anyway or kowtow to the elders and not recruit. Rilka wants to go through Mirka. Rilka does not want to go against the elders if possible.

Mõrvar and Surm then decide to go to Girda’s house to apprise her of the latest events. They are met by her guards, who let them in. She greets them and says to Surm, “Oh, my friend, I am glad to see you. It has been a long, long day.”

Surm says, “I just wanted to let you know what decisions were made, if you haven’t heard already. The temple of Bruni and the temple of Yülthn will not assist in your attempt at weregild. But the temple of Ulfethinn has decided that Mirka will come with us. But the temple of Bruni will not send anyone nor will they let me ask for any help. So, we are still going to take up your request, recruit along the way, which may mean whatever we may have to be split up before we get it back depending on what kind of help we have to recruit.”

“I see.”

“But the message will be sent, which I think is the more important thing. I didn’t know if you knew of anyone who might want to take up this quest for you on your behalf, who would like to join us? Anyone who, in the name of Loran, would like to join us? I’ve got the feeling that this is your quest, not the village’s quest, that’s how it was explained to me.”

Girda says, “I have been discussing this with my household and I can send my cousin,” and she points to one of her men in the room, “Sigurd. He will go.”

Surm walks over to Sigurd and shakes his hand and welcomes him to the quest. He’s a young man, probably close to Surm’s age. “It is good that someone from Loran’s family will represent. I think we’re gearing up to leave in the morning.”

“I will be ready,” Sigurd says.

The price of the weregild is discussed. “The price, if the temple will pay it, will be 500 gold pieces, but I doubt the temple will pay,” Girda says.

“Does Sigurd speak for you on this?” Surm asks.

“Sigurd may speak for me,” Girda says.

Surm asks Sigurd if he has a horse, and he answers that he does.

Mõrvar asks him what his talents are. He answers that he is a woodsman.

Surm and Mõrvar then take their leave.

Meanwhile, Rilka and Savaric head to the temple of Ulfethinn. They are met at the gate by a young woman who asks “Who goes there?”

“Rilka Lazarsdottir, with Savaric, here to see the priestess Mirka.”

They open the gates and let the half orcs in. They are ushered into a side room off the sanctuary and are soon met by Mirka.

“Rilka,” Mirka says in greeting, smiling. “I meant to come and meet your party this evening. I had a long day and was resting. We need to make arrangements for our journey.”

“We were doing a bit of resting ourselves. I was holding vigil at the temple of Bruni last night myself. And with all the excitement, not a lot of rest. I was going to speak to you about the expedition going out tomorrow anyway,” Rilka says. “We’ve been talking about the group that’s leaving. Is it just you that is coming from the temple?”

“That’s the plan,” Mirka says. “I’m leaving behind one of the other priests to maintain the temple while I’m away.”

“Well, it becomes a matter of pride the number of people that come to represent on the journey. My companions have talked to the other two elders and we’re not sure how open they would be to asking other people to come.”

“More people from the village?” Mirka asks.

“Yes, more people from the village,” Rilka says.

“Well, no they don’t want to leave the village undefended in case raiders get word that we are in a precarious position.”

“We are in a precarious position. However, I believe that it also becomes a situation in which how can other villages show us respect if we do not send a good representation of ourselves to fix this problem,” Rilka says.

“I agree to an extent; that’s why I agreed to come,” Mirka says. “Of course, the other half of the argument is that it does us no good to have a reputation if we have no home to come back to.”

“Well I’d like to see if we can strike a balance somewhere in the middle of that.”

“That would be good.”

“Are there any other villagers that may be willing to fight? Some that we can spare?” Rilka asks.

“Well, that would be up to them? I mean, if we wanted to put out a call. . . "

“Would the other elders work against that? Leaving the village in strife is not something we want to do either,” Rilka says.

Mirka looks thoughtful. “I don’t think Jonthin would. Lazar? I would not think he would. He would probably not send his priests.”

“He has said as much.”

“I don’t think they’ll like it. But I don’t think they’ll work against it. They don’t want to pull the village apart any more than it already is either. Lazar wants order.”

“I would like to see if anyone will move on with us, but I don’t want to rip this town apart. Can you help with that?” Rilka asks.

“I am for making a call and letting people decide for themselves,” Mirka says.

“Do we need to speak to the other elders before we do this, though?” Rilka asks.

Savaric asks Mirka if she knows of other places they could possibly recruit from. She says that she doesn’t believe that anybody else has the stakes involved that Yrda does, that nobody else was wronged the way this village was.

“What about people with a sense of adventure who want to go out and do things?” Savaric asks. “What about other priests of Ulfethinn that are pretty much the enemy of Jörn?”

“We are rivals of Jörn, not their enemy. There is a slight difference,” Mirka corrects the half orc. “But, we usually try to work against the machinations of Jörn, but I have a personal stake in that this temple has wronged my village. Other villages may have people looking for adventure, but are we looking for adventure or are we looking justice?”

“We’re looking for justice, but we need help, even if that is from someone looking for adventure,” Savaric says.

“Those are that are looking for adventure may get adventure, but they may also be looking for profit. Can you provide that?” Mirka asks.

“We don’t know,” Savaric says.

“That might be problematic, but that might be possibility in recruiting along the way,” Mirka says. “As far as this quest, no one has as personal a stake as someone from this village. I can put out the call. The other elders will not like it. But I will put out the call.”

“I want to have the support of all the elders,” Rilka says.

“I do not think that this is possible,” Mirka says. “Jonthin and Lazar are both of the opinion that this is a foolhardy quest. They are both of the opinion that, frankly, we go to our death.”

“I think that honor demands it,” Rilka says.

“I am in your corner,” Mirka says.

“I know,” Rilka says with a sigh.

“We have but one life,” Mirka says, “One life to go out and mete out justice, right wrongs, and by the Thunderer’s grace, I will do so. But I’m afraid that your father and Jonthin are not of the same opinion. I don’t think that’s going to change.”

Rilka looks sad.

“Before I give you an answer for that. . .” Rilka says.

“Before you give me an answer for what?” Mirka asks.

“Before I respond to putting out the call,” Rilka says.

“Oh, I’m putting out the call,” Mirka says.

“Ah. Oh.” Rilka says.

“This is not a question,” Mirka says.

“Before I do that, I need to go to Valtan,” Rilka says.

“The village with the yeti issue,” Mirka says.

“When I was in the temple last night, Bruni showed me a vision,” Rilka says.

“Oh, that is interesting,” Mirka says.

“I will be making this trip, at least, to that village,” Rilka says. “I need to stop there first.”

“I see.”

“So we leave in the morning?” Rilka asks.

“I will be putting the word out, and if everyone can gather. I don’t know if the rest of your band can be ready in the morning?” Mirka asks.

“I suspect we can be,” Rilka says.

“Then we have preparations to make.”

Rilka and Savaric say their goodbyes and leave the temple.

Everyone meets back at the camp and Rilka explains what happened with Mirka back at the temple and Surm is surprised, being as how that was not what Rilka had originally intended to happen. In Surm’s opinion, it’s good for the party, but not good for the village, possibly representing a rift between the elders.

Rilka lets Olaf know that their group will be ready to leave in the morning. He and his group of farmers are pleased and will be ready.

Everyone then hears the sound of the dull thud of hammer striking metal in the center of the village. The party gathers with the rest of the village at the center of Yrda. A loud female voice, Mirka’s, cries, “People of Yrda, hear me!” She is decked out in full-plate armor, striking it with a warhammer. “We have been dealt a blow this past night. Some amongst us are going to go and strike back against those that would do us harm. I am leaving with those amongst us that have taken the call. I am calling amongst you for those who will also take up that call. If you will go with us against the temple of Jörn to take the blood-price for Girda, for Dunig, for Yrda, come forward.”

There is some murmuring in the crowd and someone calls out, “You go against a temple. Is this not a holy place? Do you not fear the wrath of the gods?”

Furfur starts cackling. Mirka says “I ride with the Thunderer. I have no fear. Rilka rides with Bruni.” Rilka steps forward.

Jonthin, the priest of Yülthn and Lazar, the priest of Bruni, stand on the periphery of the crowd, staring at Mirka with frowns on their faces. They say nothing.

There is more murmuring in the crowd and then Mirka says, “So, who will take up the call? Who will ride with us?”

Sigurd steps forward and says, “My cousin’s husband was slain. I will take up this call.”

More murmurs come from the crowd. Then a skinny young man with a very prominent Adam’s apple almost stumbles from the crowd and comes forward. “I will come.” There are some chuckles and more murmurs. There are also some whispers of “Yes, let Nodwick go.”

Another man steps forward. He is a broad-shouldered man, dressed as a farmer. He says, “I will go.” This pronouncement is followed by gasps and “Oooo’s”.

A woman steps forward and says, “I will go.” This is followed by more murmuring.

Mirka asks, “Who else will go?”

There are more murmurs in the crowd, but no one else steps forward. Mirka calls out again, “Who else will take up the call?” No one else comes forward.

“Those that have come forward, come with me to the temple of Ulfethinn. You have done a mighty thing. The Thunderer will bless you.” She leads the volunteers out of the village toward the temple.

Surm and Mõrvar start snaking their way through the crowd toward Lazar. Surm tells Lazar “It seems that some of your villagers have just volunteered to go.”

“It appears so.”

“Well, we’re leaving in the morning. So, that would be a fine opportunity, if you wanted to, to wish us well, give us Bruni’s blessing, and to show your support for the quest. I fear that if you continue to withhold your support that there is a little bit of division happening here. Obviously not everyone agrees that it is a foolhardy quest.”

He just looks at Surm and turns and walks away.

“You know something, brother? I’m getting the feeling that Lazar doesn’t like me,” Surm says to Mõrvar.

Mõrvar says, “That’s his problem, brother.”

“Well, that hurts.”

“Well, if it helps, I like you.”

“Thanks. I imagine someday I’ll rescue Lazar from a warlord and then he’ll like me,” Surm says.

Meanwhile, Rilka follows Mirka and the volunteers to the temple of Ulfethinn. Everyone is let inside the sanctuary. Mirka performs a blessing upon all of the assembled. She says that the Thunderer will be “looking upon us all as we join this quest to bring justice back to Yrda” and that the temple of Ulfethinn has a few things to provide these volunteers.

Sigurd says that he has his own gear, but the other three come forward. These are introduced as Nodwick, Kalthin, and Sadwina. These three are given short spears and suits of padded armor. Mirka tells them to report to the encampment of Rilka and her band in the morning, from where they will be heading out. She also tells them to round up whatever provisions they can. The volunteers leave the temple and Rilka returns to the encampment.

At the encampment, guards are set and Rilka announces that she is going to the temple of Bruni to pray for the night. They then discuss their level of provisions and the need to re-provision in a larger settlement. They also, once again, discuss Rilka’s decision to take on the yeti problem on her own and how Surm and Mõrvar think that is a bad idea, despite the interpretation of Rilka’s vision.

The biggest settlement is Josemeedt, which is east—the opposite direction. However, eventually, they hit upon the idea of going to Rosemeedt, which is actually not very far from Valtan. So Rilka can go on her yeti quest after they re-provision in Rosemeedt and then they can move on into the Daggerspine where the temple to Jörn is.

Rilka goes to the sanctuary of the temple to Bruni to pray for courage and bravery in the task that lays before them. When she finishes her prayers, she looks up and sees Lazar standing in the doorway.

“Father,” she says.


“I had hoped to see you.”

The two meet and embrace. Rilka says, “May I have your blessing?”

Lazar says, “As a father, I ask you, don’t do this.”

“I’m doing this because of my faith.”

“I don’t think you understand what you’re walking into. These men are dangerous.”

“I know.”

“There are many of them.”

“I know. But I believe our gods go with us,” Rilka says.

“I cannot give you my blessing in this, but I can give you my love,” he says.

“Then I will take your love.”

“Tomorrow, for the sake of the village, for the sake of unity and order, I will go and place the blessing of Bruni upon your band,” he says.

“I am glad,” Rilka says. “I love you and I will return.”

“I hope that you do.”

Rilka embraces the priest again and heads back to the encampment.

3 Longday 508

As the encampment makes preparations to leave, the village is stirring and gathering near. Mõrvar attempts to look as intimidating as possible as he makes his preparations. Olaf and his farmers have arrived and gathered, as well as the volunteers and Sigurd. Surm has Mahgnus take an inventory of the provisions being taken by the volunteers. Everyone is apprised of the plan to travel to Rosemeedt.

The elder priests, Jonthin and Lazar, arrive and Jonthin says aloud, “People of Yrda. The gathered here go avenge and to bring back the blood-price for our fallen king. They shall go with the blessings of the gods upon them.”

Furfur alights from Mõrvar’s shoulder and shits in the center of the gathering as Jonthin finishes the blessing of the All-Father.

“And for courage,” Lazar says, “which the party will need in the presence of the enemy, Bruni will provide his blessing.”

Once again, the raven deposits a load of bird shit in the center of gathering as the priest completes his blessing. Furfur then returns to Mõrvar’s shoulder.

The two priests leave to allow everyone to finish their preparations.

Mahgnus tells Surm that the volunteers each have seven days of non-trail rations to sustain them—bread, cheese, that sort of thing, and a waterskin. Sigurd has two weeks of trail rations, but he also mentioned that he was a hunter.

Mõrvar introduces himself to the three other volunteers and asks them what their talents are. Nodwick is a thatcher. Kalthin is a farmer (pigs, specifically). Sadwina is also a farmer, though of vegetables and grain. He asks if they have any skills outside of their profession and Sadwina volunteers that she can sew. Mõrvar asks if any of them have wielded a weapon before and Kalthin says that he does done some militia work for the town. Mõrvar then asks if any of them have had to take a life. No, they haven’t.

The three volunteers do not have horses and Olaf and the farmers from Valtan do not have horses, so the troupe will be traveling at walking speed toward Rosemeedt.

Finally, with all preparations made, the troupe moves out in a large caravan to the west.

According to the questioning they did of the Jörnite priest, there is a fifteen-mile pass in the mountains about thirty-five miles from Rosemeedt. Surm uses this information to figure out how many days of provisions they need to buy once they get to that settlement. Based on the fact that some of their band is walking, and that they can’t take their horses through the trackless mountains, they figure it will take four days through the mountains and then another three through the pass.

Surm and Rilka discuss, once again, Rilka’s plans take on the yeti on her own. Surm insists that he can’t just watch her get pummeled by the yeti. Or the yeti’s family. Or the ogres that live near the yeti. The rest of the party wants to be involved in the quest. Rilka insists that when it comes to fighting the yeti, that the others need to step back and let her face it. “But what if you’re losing?” Surm insists. Finally, Rilka relents and says that if she’s losing, the others can step in. But she wants to show bravery before her god; she wants the chance to take it on one-on-one.

Mõrvar, on the other hand, interprets her vision as the party being her sword and that they all should take on the yeti.

Along the way, Savaric speaks with Mirka, complimenting her on her speech and making small talk. She thanks him for the compliment and converses with him.

The troupe travels through the day and as night falls, people start making camp and guard shifts are established.

The night passes without incident.

4 Longday 508

The troupe breaks camp and begins traveling once again to the west toward Rosemeedt.

Savaric offers his horse to Sadwina, but she politely declines as she does not know how to ride, being more familiar with draft animals.

Mirka rides with Savaric as they travel, conversing with him throughout the day. Savaric asks her how she got into the priesthood and about her life. She answers that she grew up in Yrda as an orphan, raised in the temple of Ulfethinn, grew to embrace the Thunderer and longed for a quest to prove her prowess.

The day passes without any other events and as the day comes to a close, the troupe begins to make camp.

The night passes without incident.

5 Longday 508

On this morning, the troupe arrives at the palisade of the settlement of Rosemeedt.

The settlement is busy, with Tradespeak and Roslag being spoken frequently by the people of the settlement. Much trade is being done by various peoples camping both inside and outside of the settlement.

The party once again discusses the possibility of hiring on more guards. Surm and Mõrvar are for it, but Rilka and Savaric require a bit more convincing. Eventually they decide to get the opinion of their existing guards. Surm has Mahgnus talk to Alasir and Sorcha to see if they feel they need more help. The valet returns and reports that both guards feel that they would agree that they do not feel overworked, but that more numbers would make it easier to perform in a manner in which they would be able to protect the party as opposed to being just an extra sword arm. The way that Alasir put is that he feels that he is less of a guard and more of an extra sword, that with extra men that he could actually guard. Sorcha agreed and brought up the incident the other night at the village in which they tried to surround the thief with only two people.

Mõrvar wants to have a total of ten guards. Surm agrees and wants to promote Alasir, a former militiaman, to sergeant. Savaric asks Mahgnus’ opinion and he demurs; he is merely a valet and is reporting what the professional soldiers have said. Rilka and Savaric are finally convinced.

Surm summons Alasir. “We have decided to hire more guards. You are going to join in hiring guards, interviewing and hiring them.”

“I see.”

“I’m putting you in charge of that. We’re also putting you in charge of those guards. I believe you have soldiery experience?” Surm asks.

“I was part of a militia.”

“You’ve been with us for a little while. We like you. You have militia experience. So, we’re putting you in charge.”

“Thank you!”

“Let’s go hire some guards.”

Surm and Mõrvar go to buy provisions and recruit guards, while Rilka, Savaric, and Mirka go to the longhouse of the temple of Yülthn and the watchtower of Saemundil to see if they can recruit priests.

The longhouse of Yülthn is the largest longhouse in Rosemeedt. There is a raucous common room filled with long tables with men and women hoisting mugs of ale and mead. The three half-orcs are met by a serving wench who bids them welcome. They ask to see a priest and the wench takes them through the common room to a table toward the back of the common room where they see a man sipping from a large tankard, his crooked staff of office leaning against the table. He’s wearing a simple robe. He looks up and the wench says, “Ivarin. Strangers to see you.”

Rilka says. “I am Rilka Lazarsdottir, follower of Bruni. This is Mirka, priestess of Ulfethinn. And this is Savaric, Master Hunter. We wish to speak with you of slightly sensitive matters. Is there a place we can speak with you and not be overheard?”

Ivarin looks at them and says, “Three half-orcs in one day. That’s a record.”

“We are nothing if not eye-catching,” Rilka says.

He gives them an amused smile and says, “Very well. Come with me.” He takes them into a back room of the longhouse and shuts the door. It’s a simple room. He sits in one of the chairs and motions for the others to the same. “What can I do for a fellow priest and follow of the gods?”

“We are freshly come from Yrda,” Rilka says.

“Never heard of it,” Ivarin says.

“It’s a small village to the east. I originally hail from and Mirka actually lives there and is one of the elders. Three days ago our king was assassinated by those involved with the temple of Jörn. Our king’s wife has asked for weregild. We travel that way,” Rilka says.

“For the assassin’s family?” Ivarin asks.

“The assassin has no family so the weregild is being levied against the temple,” Rilka says.

“The temple? That’s unusual,” Ivarin says.

“Since the actual assassin didn’t have any family, we felt that his closest relation was with this temple, and seeing as how grieved his wife was and how passionate his wife was for weregild, we felt we had no choice but to tax this temple for it,” Savaric says.

“So, my village is small, but we are going for the honor of our village, for the honor of our queen, to help demonstrate that our village is not easy prey for any warlord to come and destroy,” Rilka says.

“I see,” Ivarin says.

“We’re hoping to find any other priests that might wish to join us,” Rilka says.

“And so you come knocking upon my door,” Ivarin says.

“This is the temple of the All-Father,” Rilka says.

“The All-Father’s son has been naughty,” Ivarin says. “And you want to see if the All-Father will give him a spanking.”

Mirka says, “Of course, it is not just the three of us against this temple. We are gathering a force to take them are. We know where they are. We have representatives from our villages. We seek to gather others along our path. The Thunderer is with us, as is Bruni. We seek justice, nothing more.”

Ivarin asks, “How big is this force?”

“There are nine of us thus far,” Rilka says.

“Do you know what kind of force you’re facing?” Ivarin asks.

“Nineteen,” Rilka says. “I don’t know if they’re all priests or if some are acolytes.”

“Nineteen? I can see why you’ve come to me,” Ivarin says. “I’m not sure about you’re odds, but do you have a plan?”

“To succeed. With courage,” Rilka says.

“Bravery and courage are one thing, but do you have a plan?” Ivarin asks.

“It’s a work in progress,” Rilka says. “At this point, it’s difficult to plan if we don’t know all of our resources.”

“That’s fair,” Ivarin allows.

“At this point, I don’t think they’re going to pay us the weregild,” Rilka says.

“I think that’s a fair statement,” Ivarin says. “How long will you be in Rosemeedt?”

“Right now we’re re-provisioning. Why?” Rilka asks.

“Well, I’d like some time to think on it,” Ivarin says.

“If we come by in the morning, would that be alright?”

“That would be time enough,” he says.

The half-orcs rise and Rilka asks who heads the temple of Saemundil.

“Lavandarr,” Ivarin says.

The three make their way out of the longhouse and head to the watchtower of Saemundil.

The watchtower of Saemundil is located in the center of the settlement. The three half-orcs approach the gate and are met by a guard. Rilka asks to speak to Lavandarr and they asked “On what business?” Rilka responds “On protecting the weak.” The guard doesn’t seem to respond and Rilka continues. “I am Rilka Lazarsdottir, follower of Bruni. This is Mirka, priestess of Ulfethinn, and this is Savaric. We come on behalf of our village.”

Mirka steps forward. “By the Thunderer, you will let us in!”

The guard gulps and says, “Very well,” and then lets the three half-orcs into the watchtower. They are let into an entry chamber and asked to wait. The guard returns to his post outside and another guard is sent to fetch Lavandarr. After a few moments, a woman in a long gown with a silver-tipped horn at her belt comes in. She says, “I am Lavandarr.”

Rilka says, “We come from the village of Yrda.”

“I’ve never heard of it,” Lavandarr says.

“It’s a small village. There are about a hundred of us. It lies due east. About three nights ago, an assassin sent by the temple of Jörn killed our king, leaving a very small boy and a grieving wife. Since the assassin has no family, the wife has decided to claim weregild against the temple,” Rilka says.

Lavandarr raises her eyebrows at that. Rilka continues. “We go to also ensure that our town does not appear to be weak. We are worried that having such a young boy and no king that we will be easy prey for warlords coming through. And so we go. We stopped here to re-provision and hopefully to find people to join us. We have spoke to Ivarin of the temple of Yülthn and he shall be giving us an answer in the morning.”

“To seek weregild against the temple is an unusual thing, but to seek protection for your village is something I can understand,” Lavandarr says.

“We are a force of nine, as of now,” Rilka says. “The priestess, myself, a few others. We could not spare many from my village; we do not have many fighters. We must leave behind a force to protect those that are there, the queen and the young heir.”

“The cult of Jörn is an evil, evil thing,” Lavandarr says.

“I’m not sure they’ll be very receptive to our claim,” Rilka says, “We shall see.”

“No, I do not think so,” Lavandarr agrees.

“This is something that we must do. I do not want my village to be vulnerable. It must be protected and safe,” Rilka says.

“So you seek the assistance of my temple in this?” Lavandarr asks.

“Yes. I am a worshipper of Bruni, but I am no priestess. Mirka has the power of Ulfethinn on her side. I suspect that if we are going against priests of Jörn, then we will need more assistance from the divine,” Rilka says.

“How far is this temple?” Lavandarr asks.

“The pass is thirty-five miles from here and the pass itself is fifteen miles long. We are also escorting a group to Valtan. They have a yeti. I have sworn to help. As soon as that is dealt with, then we are heading for the temple,” Rilka says.

“You will have the protection of Saemundil on your journey,” Lavandarr says with conviction.

Rilka takes her hands and says “Thank you. Shall we come by in the morning?”

“Is that when your band leaves?”

“That is currently the idea, although that is when I shall hear from the temple of Yülthn. Regardless, we will be leaving tomorrow.”

“Then we will be ready tomorrow.”

Rilka and the others head back to meet back up with the rest of the group.

Surm asks Mahgnus, in his opinion, what kind raise Alasir needs. Mahgnus says that he should get a 2/3 raise, but not a double raise. Surm calls Alasir in and informs him that he has received a raise of two more silver per day, that he is now a sergeant and is in charge of all of these new recruits and that he needs to pick a second. He’ll need some time to assess the recruits before picking a second, but he’s fine with the new responsibilities and the raise.

Session Thirty
The Celebration at Yrda


1 Longday 508

The celebration at Yrda takes place in the central longhouse, the largest structure of the settlement, able to house nearly the entire population, roughly a hundred people. The King and the elder-priests of the village are seated on a raised platform, along with Rilka, Surm, Mõrvar, Savaric, and Leglaf Alefsson. Along with the guests is Olaf Randafsson, a representative of a contingent of farmers from the village of Valtan, twenty miles to the east. The rest of the village and the guest’s entourage are seated at long tables below. Mead and roasted meats are served to all in celebration of the return of the prodigals.

Olaf Randafsson is there to represent his village in asking for aid from the Temple of Bruni. It appears that their settlement has been beset by a yeti and need help in eradicating the menace. He often tries to engage Lazar Gonlafsson, the elder-priest of Bruni, but right now he only has time for his adopted daughter, Rilka.

Leglaf is fairly close-mouthed about his trip to Saemundiljeim, saying only that the trip was as arduous as one may imagine and that he did, indeed, receive a revelation, but that it is private. It is recalled, fondly, by Jonthin Coulthinsson, the priest of Yülthn, how Leglaf used to spend all of his time in the Hall of Yülthn, listening to stories of All-Father. Leglaf dismisses his old habit as the “folly of youth”, much to the consternation of the priest.

Rilka excitedly talks to her father about what has transpired since she left Yrda; how she came to meet her group of friends and the adventures they have had together, how he has been and about any events that have happened in the village. Rilka also tells her father why she has returned to Yrda. She has felt a need to return to the temple and pay homage to Bruni. She believes Bruni has been watching over her as she’s faced dangerous foes and situations and she hopes He’s been pleased with her courage.

Lazar suggests that Rilka hold a vigil at the heart of the temple—to both pay homage to the god and see if the deity has a message for her as far whether he is pleased with her courage. Perhaps after the celebration, she could go to the temple and begin her vigil. Lazar would be happy to accompany her to the temple, but she would need to hold vigil in the sanctum alone. Rilka accepts her father’s offer to accompany her to the temple where she will hold vigil that night. She also lets her friends know of her plans to hold her vigil.

Surm, at his end of the long table, recalls stories of slaying “the two Bloodbeasts of Stavan”, of retrieving griffon eggs, of hunting down dire wolves, and of the evil temple filled with ghostly shadows and gibbering mouthers. He is careful not to use the “Captain Rilka” persona as they are in her hometown. He also makes sure that Olaf Randafsson is listening when he tells the stories of their heroic exploits.

Olaf listens to the tales with interest, while Leglaf dismisses them as “longhouse talk, mead-tales that grow with the telling.”

Furfur has been very quiet throughout this whole affair.

Surm and Savaric compare notes about yeti. They are creatures of the high mountains, humanoids covered in thick white fur, fairly mysterious and rarely seen. They sometimes come down from their heights taking livestock and humans as prey leaving only their monstrous tracks in the bloodstained snow. Yeti are also known to have a frightful gaze that leave men paralyzed in fear and also to radiate cold. Sometimes particularly violent yeti can be exiled from their tribes.

Rilka has noticed that Leglaf used to be a lot more friendly and lot more open before his pilgrimage. It is apparent that his journey has changed him.

Mõrvar attempts to size up the villagers to see if there is anyone as “dangerous” as he. He notes that there are many able-bodied warriors in the village.

Lazar lets Rilka know that the party is welcome to camp in the village or families may be found that would be willing to put them up for the night. They opt to camp in the village while Rilka takes vigil in the temple of Bruni.

The party sets up their pavilion tent late in the night after the festivities are done as people begin to stumble out of the longhouse. They establish a watch schedule and settle in for the night.

Savaric, Surm, and Mõrvar discuss whether or not they want to involve themselves in Valtan’s “yeti problem”. Surm and Savaric think that it may be an opportunity for fame and glory and Surm points out that a happy village at the base of the mountains where they’ll be adventuring anyway would be advantageous. They will have a place they can fall back to and a place to take care of them if they get hurt. Mõrvar points out that one of these days, when he finally decides to plan roots, that it would help to be known. He wants to build his own village, his own kingdom. Surm is skeptical, but Mõrvar is adamant that he can build a place that people like “us” are accepted.


Meanwhile, Rilka is escorted by Lazar to a sanctuary in the center of the fortification that makes up the temple of Bruni. She settles in for the night and begins her vigil, focusing her attention on the rune of Bruni. As the night goes on, her eyes begin to burn and sag and she grows tired. Then, she is wide awake and sitting on a mountain plateau. The sky is a deep blue and the sun shines brightly. She prepares her weapons for battle, sharpening and polishing her blades. A shadow falls over her and she looks up to see a huge yeti looming over her. In the center of its forehead is the symbol of Bruni, burning brightly like fire. It roars and she readies her weapon and she meets it, blade to claw. After a brief battle, it falls, and Rilka is covered in its blood. As it falls, behind it she sees a door, the rune of Bruni burning on its face like a brand. Then she feels herself waking up, continuing her vigil in the sanctum of the temple.

Back at the rest of the party’s tent, Savaric is on watch. He is on patrol outside of the tent when he hears the sound of tent-cloth being cut. He makes his way around the tent quietly and starts to draw his sword. When he gets around the corner he sees a humanoid form crouched by a rent in the tent. Their face is covered, but he looks wary, like they are listening.

As Savaric approaches, the form looks up at him. Savaric yells to try and rouse the tent and rushes the form to try and tackle him. The figure turns and runs so Savaric decides to take an opportunity to try and hit him with his sword. He misses him. Savaric gives chase, yelling “Thief!”

Inside the tent, Surm and Sorcha wake up. Surm goes to wake up Mõrvar while Sorcha takes up her sword. Surm wakes his brother and apprises him of the situation. Savaric catches up to his prey and grapples him, attempting to pin him to the ground.

The figure attempts to break free from Savaric, but fails. Savaric then attempts to pin the figure ground, but fails. Mõrvar then moves out of the tent, telling Sorcha to guard Surm, and starts yelling for Savaric. He sees people stirring from their houses, but he sees no sign of the half-orc. Surm is yelling for everyone to wake up and goes to wake up Alasir.

Surm tells Sorcha to go after the thief and continues to yell at everyone to wake up and wakes up Mahgnus. The figure attempts once again to get out of Savaric’s grip, but fails. Mõrvar yells for Savaric and Savaric responds so he runs around to the other side of the tent and down the path to see Savaric in grapple with another figure. Savaric once again tries to pin the other figure and fails. Sorcha catches up to Mõrvar.

The would-be thief tries once again to slip from Savaric’s grasp, but fails. Sorcha asks Mõrvar what his orders are. He says to surround the thief, so she moves to the other side of the grappling opponents. Mõrvar, in his best intimidating manner, tells the thief to surrender. This seems to shake the man up,

Meanwhile, Surm has woken up Mahgnus and is waking up the two half-orc porters.

Savaric then finally pins the man to the ground. Once pinned, he pulls a set of manacles from his pouch and secures them to his wrists. The man once again tries to break free, but fails. Mõrvar reaches down and pulls away the cloth wrapped around his face, revealing the face of Leglaf.

A crowd has gathered with torches, shedding light on the situation. Gasps run through the gathered villagers as Mõrvar stands him up.

Surm has managed to wake everyone up and is having Mahgnus take an inventory of their gear to make sure nothing was taken by the thief. He wants to know how he got inside.

Outside the tent, Sorcha is guarding the secured Leglaf while Mõrvar and Savaric drag him back to their camp. Mõrvar starts trying to question him as he drags him. “Why were you trying to rob us?” The gathered villagers follow.

At this point, a woman’s scream echoes through the village.

Surm grabs the porters and says “Let’s check that out,” and starts to head out of the tent.

Villagers begin to murmur. Savaric hears one of them say that the scream came from the king’s house. He tells Mõrvar that something is happening at the king’s house.

Mõrvar tells Sorcha to find out what’s going on and to make sure Surm’s okay. They continue to drag him to the campsite.

Sorcha meets Surm and the porters as they are heading out and says “I was told to find out what’s going on and return to the tent.”

“Good,” Surm says. “Come with me.” He leaves the porters at the tent and takes Sorcha with him to find out the source of the screaming. More villagers are heading in that direction as well.

Mõrvar and Savaric continue to drag the thief to the campsite. They do see Surm and Sorcha emerge from the tent. After a brief discussion, they decide to take the thief them to the king’s house. They drag the man with them down the dirt covered lane to the king’s longhouse.

There, in front of the longhouse, they see the woman they recognize from the feast as the king’s wife. She is holding her head and wailing that the king is dead, the king is dead.

The villagers continue to murmur amongst themselves and gasp. Mõrvar grabs their prisoner by the hair and asks if he had anything to do with this. The man spits in Mõrvar’s face. Mõrvar gives him a grave touch and says “We’ll try this again. Did you have anything to do with this?” in his best intimidating manner.

In the meantime, Surm starts to get the attention of the crowd, specifically to find out who is in charge. Savaric starts to frisk the body of their prisoner.

Jonthin Coulthinsson, the priest of Yülthn, steps forward. “Someone needs to be in charge.”

“So, are you investigating this?” Surm asks. “It just so happens, we have Master Hunter Savaric right here. I don’t know if you heard about the Beasts of Stavan. . . We also caught this man breaking into our tent like a common thief under the cover of darkness. I don’t know if that is tied in to what is going on here, but it is suspicious timing.”

“Leglaf?” the priest says, dismayed.

Savaric starts disarming Leglaf, laying out his belongings and giving them to the guards. He has a short sword, two daggers on his belt, two daggers in his boots, He notices a bulge in his tunic. Mõrvar scares the man into lifting up his tunic, revealing a bloody dagger tucked into his pants beneath his garment. Gasps go up amongst the assembled people.

“Leglaf, why would you do this?” Jonthin asks.

Leglaf says nothing and just stands there looking demoralized and shaken.

“Take him inside and bind him further,” Jonthin says. Mõrvar drags him inside the king’s house, hitting every bump along the way. He strips him bare naked and binds him with every binding he can find. He also goes through his hair to make sure he has no tools for escape.

Cries of “Murderer!” and “The king has been murdered!” are taken up by the crowd. Surm attempts to comfort the king’s wife. He assures her that the perpetrator of this foul deed has been found and is at her mercy. He continues to try to get in good with the king’s wife, trying establish the party as a insiders.

Meanwhile, Lazar interrupts Rilka’s vigil and announces that something is happening in the village. Rilka tells him that she would like to discuss what she saw with him later. “Then you saw something?” he asks. “Yes,” she says. But the two march down to the village.

Mõrvar looks at the belongings he’s stripped away from the prisoner and notices a small iron token that looks like a ring of flames. It is the symbol of Jörn, the Northron god known as the Sly One. He is known for trickery and sowing chaos. He claims to be the son of Yülthn, though Yülthn has never confirmed nor denied this. He holds the other gods in contempt, thinking that he is smarter than them.

The priest agrees about the symbol and says “This is bad business, if he is associated with Jörn.”

Mõrvar asks, “Why would Jörn want your king dead?”

“It is his way to sow chaos wherever he goes. A dead king throws the village into an uproar.”

“What purpose does this serve for somebody from this village? There’s always got to be a motivation behind it. There’s got to be a motive.”

“I do not know. But we will find out.”

Mõrvar says, “If you need help finding out, let me know. It seems that he was going to try to blame us for this. I would like to know why.”

Rilka and Lazar arrive at the king’s residence where there is a crowd gathered with torches and lights. Lazar and Rilka push their way through and see Surm comforting the king’s wife, with the two guards looking on. Rilka hears whispers of “The king is dead” and “His son is but a child” from the crowd. Rilka asks Surm what happened and he catches her up on current events. She and Lazar head inside.


Rilka sees a stripped down Leglaf and the others looking at him. “He works for Jörn,” Mõrvar says.

“You’re pathetic,” Rilka spits out at Leglaf. “And a betrayer of our people!” She kicks out at him. “You get the chance to go out and commune with gods and get visions and this is what you do? Come back and kill our king?”

“We can hold him in our temple, if we need a place to hold him,” Lazar says. “We have a dungeon.”

“I guess that’s your decision, not mine,” Mõrvar says to the priest of Yülthn.

“He will be placed in the center of the village on the center pole. There he will be bound for three days. Or until he confesses why he did such a thing,” the priest says.

“And if he doesn’t confess?” Mõrvar asks.

“Then it will be for the king’s family to decide his fate.”

Mõrvar drags him by the hair out of the house. The priest of Yülthn announces to the gathered crowd. “He will be bound to the center of the village. A figure of ridicule. An example to those that would do harm against us. If he will confess his crimes, why he did such a thing, then he may find mercy in front of the gods.”

The people cry “Murderer! Murderer!” and spit upon him as Mõrvar drags him toward the center of the village.

The king’s widow warms up to Surm a bit and he assists her inside once the tumult dies down. He makes her some tea.

Mõrvar secures him to the pole. As he does so, he is whispering in Leglaf’s ear, intimidating him to confess, because in three days his brother will ensure that he will get to torture him for longer than that. He assures him that he will take him to the very edge of his life and bring him back again and again. He then applies his grave touch once again.

A shudder goes through his body and he says, “I confess.”

“Louder,” Mõrvar says.

“I CONFESS,” Leglaf says.

The crowd is rapt with attention. “Answer the priest’s questions about why,” Mõrvar commands.

“Why would you do this, Leglaf?” Jonthin asks.

Leglaf says, “It is my initiation.”

“Your initiation?”

“Into the cult of the Sly One.”

Gasps ripple through the crowd.

“But I have failed, so do your worst,” Leglaf says.

Jonthin asks, “Is this what you saw in Saemundiljeim?”

Leglaf says, “No. I never made it to Saemundiljeim.”

More gasps rock the crowd.

Savaric asks “Are there more coming here? More initiates?”

“No,” Leglaf says

“How are you supposed to report back?” Mõrvar asks, “Unless you have somebody here watching you.” He and the others start to scan the crowd.

Meanwhile, back at the king’s house, the widow excuses herself to check on the king’s son. Surm waits in the kitchen.

“Was this your life’s goal this entire time to get into this cult? When did this happen?” Rilka asks.

“I was made an initiate in my journeys,” Leglaf says.

“Where were you?” Rilka asks.

“In the Daggerspine.”

“Where in the Daggerspine? Do they have some sort of temple?” Rilka asks.

There is a whipping of air and an arrow protrudes from his chest. Everyone turns to see where the arrow came from. Rilka can see that it came from the top of one of the buildings. She draws her falchion and starts heading that way, everyone heads that way. Rilka then activates her celestial armor and takes to the air and flies. Mõrvar yells for Furfur to fly at the figure, but the bird just sits on his shoulder and laughs.

Rilka sees a dark figure scrambling down the other side of the building and yells to her friends, “He’s on the far side!” Mõrvar and Savaric go around the building on each side to surround the figure. Flying down and with her glowing falchion, Rilka cuts quite an impressive figure and lights the area. Rilka goes to drop in front of him, Mõrvar rushes behind him, and Savaric goes to shoot him.

Pain wracks all of their bodies as negative energy courses through them. Then Mõrvar hamstrings the figure with his sword, knocking him prone. Rilka goes to hit him with the flat of her blade, but misses. Savaric then switches tactics and moves in with Edgefrost and strikes him a bleeding wound. The man falls.

Savaric stabilizes his wounds so that they can question him later and they collect the unconscious man and carry him back to the village center. They also collect the longbow that he dropped.

They discover that the arrow was poisoned—Leglaf is dead. They start stripping down the captured man. No one in the village seems to recognize him. The man has five daggers—one of them has the symbol of a ring of flames. He also had a quiver with nineteen arrows. He was wearing studded leather armor. He had a belt pouch with two vials. He’s also wearing a token of Jörn around his neck.

Rilka tells Jonthin, “He’s alive.”

Mõrvar says, “He’s hurt pretty bad, but perhaps we can get some answers from him when we wakes up.”

Jonthin turns to Lazar, “Perhaps we can make use of that dungeon you mentioned. Let’s take him to the temple of Bruni.”

Mõrvar picks him up and starts to carry him toward the temple. Once everyone gets to the temple, Lazar directs everyone to a small chamber in the basement and directs Mõrvar to place the man inside. He does so, and then checks his mouth and hair for any tools. They leave the man inside and shut and bar the door.

Jonthin says, “I could revive him.”

Rilka says, “Well, my companion is very good at getting people to talk.”

“So I’ve seen.”

At Mõrvar’s urging, they go back in and put manacles on the prisoner.

Rilka asks if he’s able to have access to his powers without his holy symbol. Mõrvar answers that without his symbol, he will not be able to channel energy, and he should not be able cast most of his priestly spells.

Meanwhile, Surm continues to try to be a comfort for the king’s wife. He offers to do anything for her and she says that the only thing she wants is justice for her poor Dunig, the king. Others are in the house, household guards, watching for improprieties, but finding none.

Savaric goes to find Surm and returns to the king’s house. He updates Surm on current events, with the assassination of Leglaf and the capture of the assassination.

Surm asks Girda, the king’s wife, if there is anything she would like now, with this new turn of events. He offers to get more information from Jonthin on what is going on. She would very much appreciate that.

Surm heads to the temple of Bruni, announcing to the gathered crowd that Girda and young Loran, the king’s son, are fine.

Back at the temple of Bruni, Jonthin goes inside the cell and touches the manacled prisoner, saying a prayer. The man starts to stir and the priest changes places with Mõrvar. Mõrvar hovers over him an intimidating look on his face.

The man appears to be shaken by his wake up call. Mõrvar then proceeds to continue to intimidate the man into talking. Mõrvar looks to the priest and Jonthin asks the man about his temple. He says its in the Daggerspine and gives some rudimentary directions. As far as anyone can tell, he appears to be telling the truth. The priest then asks why the man has come to their village, why have they plagued us so? And the man says that it was for the young one’s initiation, to sow chaos in his homeland. If he was successful, he would be initiated into the ranks. If not, then he would be dealt with. Jonthin asks if there are more of them waiting in the shadows, waiting to murder us? “No, we came alone.”

Rilka asks, “How many are in this temple?” The man says “There are twenty of us.”

“Nineteen, not counting you, I assume?”

“I suppose.”

“This one should be kept here until what he said can be verified,” Mõrvar says, “Then I still want to have my conversation with him in private.”

The man seems frightened. “Is there anything else you want to tell us?” Mõrvar asks.

“I have nothing else to say.”

Mõrvar flexes victoriously and walks out with Rilka following.

2 Longday 508

Meanwhile, Surm arrives at the temple of Bruni as his brother and Rilka are exiting. “I’m going in to find out what’s going on,” Surm says.

“We just got him to give up where they are and how many are left of their little club,” Mõrvar says.

“Oh really,” Surm says.

“Yeah, there’s nineteen. And they’re in the Daggerspine.”

“And what did the priests say?”

“They asked all the questions,” Mõrvar says.

Rilka says, “What do we do with all the information?”

“Jonthin!” Surm calls out, “What’s your plan? What are you going to do now that you know where this temple of Jörn is? Girda sent me to find out what is going on.”

Rilka gives him a side eye and raises an eyebrow.

Jonthin says, “The All-Father is indeed testing us. To attack a temple, a holy place is a dangerous proposition. Twenty priests is a dangerous task indeed. Though, thanks, to your companion, I believe what he said about this being an initiation rite for young Leglaf. I’m not sure we would be further targets for them. Their grudge was not against us, but merely something for Leglaf to accomplish. He failed. I’m not sure I wish to bring down the wrath of their cult upon us by attacking their temple. I feel we should pass judgment upon the one man we have and we call that just.”

Rilka looks to Lazar, who seems to be nodding in agreement.

“Are we not worried they are going to cause trouble for other villages and towns?” Rilka asks.

Jonthin says, “As priest of the All-Father here in Yrda, it is my responsibility to see to Yrda. I feel that provoking them further will endanger this village. You may tell Girda that her husband’s murderer is dead. And that we, the elder priests of the village, will decide the fate of this other man.”

Surm and Rilka go to find Mõrvar and Savaric at the pole in the town center. Surm asks how they want to handle the situation. The town seems to want to let it lie. He wants to know how Girda should handle it—how he should influence her to handle it. It’s Rilka’s hometown, how does she feel? In the meantime, Furfur alights on top of the Leglaf’s head.

Surm believes that this is a great opportunity to get in good with the village if they take out the Jörnites. Mõrvar took the attack as a personal affront and is more than willing to kill them. Rilka is reluctant to have shit come back on this village. Rilka also reveals her vision from her vigil to the group. They also discuss the precarious political situation of the village—the hereditary king of the village is only 10 years old. The village elder priests would likely rule until the boy comes of age in six or seven years—if the village manages to hold out against other warlords until then.

Rilka says that she is more interested in doing what her god wants than going after Jörnites at this point. She just wants her village to be safe. Surm would rather make a name, and that means going after the Jörnites. And, in his opinion, making the village safe means making a show of force against the temple. Mõrvar sides with his brother after first being indifferent. Rilka finally agrees to allow Surm to convince Girda to want to attack the temple.

Surm goes back to Girda and updates her on the death of Leglaf and the capture of the assassin. She says it’s not her place to say anything about what the priests do, concerning the fate of the assassin, but Surm senses a degree of frustration on her part. He tries to build on that by suggesting that perhaps the temple is responsible for her pain, that perhaps recompense is due to her by this temple. Perhaps she would like to make a strong showing in Loran’s name as the new king?

“Leglaf has no family, so there is no one to pay the blood price,” she says.

“Well, he was an initiate of Jörn,” Surm prompts.

“Do you think you can persuade the priests to take the blood price from this temple?” Girda asks.

“I can do my best,” Surm says. “Are there other people of influence in the village that would be inclined to agree with you?”

“Perhaps Mirka.”


“The priestess of Ulfethinn.”

“You think she’ll agree with you on the need for weregild?”


Surm gets information about Mirka and says that he will talk to her. Girda says that she is one of the elder priests and that she may be going to the temple of Bruni to speak with the other elder priests.

Mõrvar sees Surm emerge from the house of the late king and he meets up with his brother and gets updated on the latest information.

Meanwhile, Rilka heads to the temple of Bruni. She finds the three elder priests in conference in the central sanctuary. As she approaches, Mirka, the priestess of Ulfethinn, says that “The Sly One must not be allowed to get away with damaging our village.”

Jonthin says, “Even if we were inclined to take a fight to this cult, we don’t have the manpower.”

As Rilka comes in, Lazar says, “Well, daughter.”

Rilka says, “I have to agree with Mirka.”

The priests all turn to her with looks of surprise. “My apologies. I feel fairly passionate about it.”

Jonthin says, “Yes, well, as we’ve been discussing, we simply do not have the capability. We must keep the village defended.”

“I know of some people who might be interested. This is my home. I’ve been traveling for quite some time. I feel quite passionate about my home. About this place being protected. I know if I’m willing to do something to help protect it, my friends would be willing to come with me,” Rilka says. “I’ve seen what happens to towns when the warlords come. I don’t want that happening here.”

Jonthin says, “Which is why we can’t spare men for such a journey. But you said you and your friends would be willing to take such a journey. Six against twenty.”

“We are quite mighty.”

“What of the wrath of the other Sly One’s cults?”

“Against my friends?”

“Against the village.”

“How will they know this village had anything to do with it? If anything, it seems like it would come back to myself and my friends.”

Mirka gives you an appraising look. “Six against twenty are long odds. Your friends are this mighty?”

Rilka tells the story of liberating the village of Aeth (leaving out the twins’ sorcery).

Lazar says, “Are you sure that you know the difference between courage and foolhardiness?”

“Yes,” Rilka says, looking him in the eye and standing straight.

At this point Surm and Mõrvar arrive at the temple of Bruni and see the three priests and Rilka conversing in the central sanctuary of the temple. Rilka is visibly upset. Mõrvar puts a hand on her shoulder to comfort her.


Surm announces that he has a request from Girda. The priests all turn to look at him and he says that Girda is requesting that the temple of Jörn pay weregild for the murder of the king. He explains that she wants Loran to have a strong showing as king, not to be a show of weakness, with his lawful claim of weregild.

Surm gets some raised eyebrows at that. Jonthin says, “It is her right to demand weregild, but against the priests of Jörn is unusual. . .”

“I believe the reasoning is that Leglaf has no family and as Leglaf became an initiate into that temple, he became their responsibility,” Surm says.

Mirka nods, “Were it not for the Sly One’s manipulations, her husband would be alive.”

“They did corrupt one of Yrda’s children and use him to kill their king,” Surm says.

Jonthin says, “Rilka has indicated that your band would be willing to take on this cult. Is this true?”

“Rilka is my family,” Mõrvar says, “I will follow her anywhere she needs to go.”

Surm says, “If there are no men of courage from this village, we will stand in for Loran.”

Lazar says, “It is not a matter of courage, it is a matter of resources. The village must be protected. Especially now.”

Jonthin frowns hard. Rilka notices that Mirka is looking closely at Surm like “I see what you did there.”

Jonthin says, “The rest of you should leave us. The three of us need to consult with one another.”

Mõrvar leaves and hangs out front of the temple. Rilka goes to one of the side sanctuaries to wait for her father. Surm approaches Rilka and says, “Sorry if I offended you.”

“When?” Rilka asks.

“When I called your dad out.”

“You did what needs to be done. I’m going to be here for a while.”

Surm leaves and joins Mõrvar and Furfur outside. Savaric stays will Rilka.

“We’re going to need more people if we’re going to take on twenty priests,” Surm tells Mõrvar.

“I know. And they have this negative energy. And it hurts bad. And I’ll be honest with you, I got in a good shot and Savaric got in a good shot, but if we hadn’t I’m not sure what would have happened. We need some cannon fodder.”

“I don’t know if we can get anybody from this village.”


As Rilka waits in the side sanctuary, Lazar approaches her. She turns and faces him. “If you and your band wish to pursue the blood price for Girda, we will not stop you. If you wish, Mirka has said that she will journey with you.”

“I will have to talk to my companions. I cannot imagine that a priestess will not be well received,” Rilka says.

“I hope I did not bring embarrassment to you,” Rilka says.

“You have never embarrassed me, daughter,” Lazar says.

Rilka asks him to sit with her and she tells him about her vision during her vigil. Savaric steps outside. Lazar says “Were I you, I would speak with Olaf. I believe that that should be your path. I believe that if you face this challenge alone, you will receive your pathway, if you show courage.”

“I try to show courage in all that I do.”

“I know.”

“Alright. So you think I should do this alone?”

“Yes. I think this would be a mark of courage.”

Rilka gathers up the her friends out in front of the temple. She tells them what Lazar said, that if this is the path they want to take, that they won’t stop them and that Mirka will come. Surm and Mõrvar are incredulous the other priesthoods, especially Bruni, are not sending anyone and not getting involved. Rilka also brings up the quest indicated by her vigil-dream and her belief that she needs to do it alone. Mõrvar says that that doesn’t sit right with him, that as far he’s concerned they are all “one body”. Rilka says she believes that they are a family as well, but she may need to face the yeti alone. In the end, it is decided that Surm and Mõrvar will go talk to Lazar while Rilka and Savaric will talk to Olaf.

At the temple of Bruni, in one of the side chambers, the brothers are met by Lazar. Surm begins the conversation.

“Rilka informs us that you would not stop us from getting the weregild?”

“The elder priests, no,” Lazar says.

“But that didn’t really sound like you were in support of it.”

“I think there is a difference between foolhardiness and courage.”

“And that Mirka was going to go.”

“She said she would.”

“So I just wanted to know, is the temple of Bruni going to represent in this at all?”

“We are staying to protect the village.”

“We are going to make a claim on behalf of your village,” Surm says.

“You are going to make a claim on behalf of Girda,” Lazar says.

“The wife of the slaughtered king of your village, or did he not represent your village.”

“The king did represent the village, but he is also the man of her bond. The elder priests are not in support of sending are defenses in support of this mission.”

“You realize you’re showing weakness, right?” Mõrvar interrupts. “You’re inviting trouble. I know. We’ve seen it. We had to defeat a warlord, a demon, and a witch. And our home was not much stronger than this. And I our king was alive.”

“All the more reason to defend it.”

“You can’t if you don’t show power. If you don’t prove a point. You have no chance.”

“And while all our defenses are traipsing off into the mountains…” Lazar says.

“Not all, a representative.”

“We are going up against a temple of twenty priests. You are sending Mirka as the only priest,” Surm says.

“We are not sending Mirka.”

“You’re right. Mirka volunteered on her own to go. You are sending no one.”

“Because we are defending the village.”

“You can’t spare one priest from your temple?”

“All I have are initiates.”

“A priest is a priest,” Surm says. “You saw my brother intimidate two different prisoners to go against their loyalties and better judgment. Are you sure the reputation of Jörn is doing the same here?”

“That’s what it looks like,” Mõrvar says. “Which makes you an easy target.”

“I truly do not see how sending one of my initiates to their death is going to save my village,” Lazar says.

“You think we have no hope,” Surm says.

“I think it is a foolhardy mission.”

“You’re sending your daughter,” Surm says.

“My daughter chooses her own path.”

“May we talk to your initiates and let them choose their own path?”


Mõrvar says. “Your king was murdered. Your next in line has six or seven years before he can take charge. Another temple is the cause of it. You’re going to show that you’re susceptible to invasion and you won’t do anything about it when you are attacked so when the first warlord comes in even if you do defend there’ll be the next one because you’re weak and then the next one not to mention you still don’t know if you have a problem with Jörn or not. You won’t show any initiative. You won’t show strength. You open yourself up to attack. Just by sending a representative or allowing them to decide whether they’ll represent you or not you’ll at least show that you’ll not tolerate or stand for attacks. Your king was slaughtered in your town. You couldn’t stop this town from being taken from anybody right now. You couldn’t stop the attack you just had because you’re not willing to. If you don’t take initiative, if you don’t prove a point for an effect, you’ve already lost the village. If you’re content with that. . .” Then he turns around and walks out the door.

Surm leaves as well.

Meanwhile Rilka and Savaric find where Olaf and his contingent of farmers have been camping. They approach Olaf, who seems wary, but she introduces herself and indicates that he mentioned that he had a yeti issue and he notices the symbol of Bruni around her neck.

“There’s not too much more to tell. Our village has had some livestock destroyed. The beast has come down from the mountains for the past two weeks or so. Penwulf the Younger here,” he points at an old farmer, “seen it and was struck dumb with fear of it.”

“Penwulf can speak now, correct?” Rilka asks.

“Oh, yes.”

“It’s not been taking people has it?”

“Not yet.”

“If you’re willing to help, we’ll leave whenever you like and lead you there. If the tales your companion told at the longhouse are true, you should be more than ready to handle our problem.”

Rilka essentially makes arrangements with Olaf that they will take care of their yeti problem, but they must make preparations first. They may be able to leave in the morning. They shake on it.

Rage and Raven: Temple of Vengeance (Part Four)
Part Four

3 Growth 508

The hostile adventuring party has been dispatched and their belongings distributed amongst the party. Lenoria uses her ability to detect magic to determine that the vials are all magic and to sort the vials, like to like. They load the excess onto the new riding horse and the mule and start continuing on toward the temple.

After traveling for a bit through the woods, they find a place to make a camp and settle in for the night. Lenoria channels positive energy to heal the party before they go bed.

The night passes without incident.

4 Growth 508

After eating breakfast of the food taken from the hostile adventuring party, Lenoria casts read magic and reads the scrolls she found on the strange elf they fought the day before. She determines that two of the scrolls are scrolls of bull’s strength and that the third is a scroll of fog cloud. They are arcane scrolls, so she will have to use her skills to cast from the scrolls. The party then loads up and continues on toward the temple.

Late in the morning, the party emerges from the woods and into the foothills of the Et’tir Mountains. Lenoria and Rhain spot a plume of smoke rising from a valley up ahead—a valley in which the party had fought hobgoblins a few days ago. Rhain calls out from the rear, “There’s smoke ahead!”, alerting Alun and Kerra of the sight. They all halt and regroup, no longer traveling in single file now that they are out of the forest. After a brief discussion, they decide to proceed and approach the valley, and then to let Alun scout it out and determine what is going on.

After traveling a couple of hours, Alun calls a halt about a mile from plume. Lenoria gives him a “bit of luck” from her goddess and he sneaks away from the party. Rhain determines from the smoke that the fire is bigger than a campfire. He climbs a nearby hill, crawling when he gets to the top, to see what he can see. He can’t make out much more than it is billowing more smoke than a campfire would. The fire is definitely coming from the valley, not the hills surrounding it.

Alun eventually returns and reports seeing about twenty hobgoblins. They flew a banner and were burning bodies down in the valley. He didn’t get close enough to see who. Rhain reveals that hobgoblins are a very organized and militaristic race and must be on the march. Their numbers persuade the group to detour around the valley and avoid the hobgoblin band.

Other than that, the day goes by without incident. They settle in to make a camp for the night, keeping an extra eye in the direction of the hobgoblin band. The night also passes without incident.

5 Growth 508

Traveling through the day, the hills give way to a mountainous trail. As they make through way along the trail, Rhain and Lenoria both hear a sound of movement in rocks near Rhain. Lenoria calls a halt while Rhain turns to face the rocks. Jumping from those rocks is a goblin. It attempts to grapple Rhain and fails miserably. Rhain takes the opportunity to attack the goblin with his axe, but misses him. Rhain then attacks again, hitting it with his greataxe, and killing it.

“You okay back there?” Lenoria calls back.

“It was a goblin. Apparently a desperate one,” Rhain responds.

All the goblin has is a loincloth. Rhain kicks the corpse of the creature and then the party moves on.

That afternoon, the party arrives at the narrow pass that leads up to the temple. Once again, they see the three large statues of Shazira that dominate the courtyard and they make their way inside the temple sanctuary. After reviewing where they’ve been in the temple, they vote to go to the right-hand door at the temple altar. They proceed with Alun looking for traps along the way and Lenoria in the middle casting light. Rhain takes up position behind Alun, while Kerra takes rear guard.

The door is unlocked and opens into a plain, narrow hallway leading south. The hallway is long, running nearly the entire length of the sanctuary, and opens up into a square room. Across the room is another door. In this room is a wardrobe, its doors open and hanging off their hinges. Old religious vestments are hanging in tatters inside. Alun begins to check the room for secret panels while Lenoria checks the room for magic. Neither find anything of interest. They proceed to the next door, which is unlocked.

This door leads to a larger, rectangular room, with another door across the room. There are four bunks. At the foot of each are chests that have been opened. The mattresses of the bunks have been slashed. Once again, Alun searches for secret panels while Lenoria detects magic. Neither find anything of interest. They proceed to the next door, which is unlocked.

Alun opens the door and everyone sees the light of Lenoria’s pendant reflect on a multitude of eyes as Alun quickly shuts the door again and utters, “Spider!”

Lenoria readies her crossbow while Alun readies his bow. Kerra gets ready to attack the creature when it enters the room. Rhain positions himself to throw open the door and come behind it when it enters the room. Lenoria casts bless upon the party before the door is opened.

The door is thrown open and Alun fires his bow, hitting the giant spider in the doorway. Lenoria then fires her crossbow, missing the creature. The monster then closes the distance and attacks Kerra, but misses. Kerra attacks the creature but misses. Rhain then approaches from the rear, flanking the creature, and attacks. He hits the creature hard with the greataxe, causing it to curl up in death.

They go inside the room and find a small dining table with four chairs and a ransacked sideboard. There is a set of double doors across the way. Alun searches the room for secret panels while Lenoria seeks to detect magic. Neither are found. The doors across the way are unlocked.

The next room is a kitchen. Old utensils, wooden spoons, etc. litter the floor. In the corner of the room is an old, decayed pallet—probably used by a scullery. On the wall near the pallet is a set of shackles. There is a larder attached to the kitchen with hooks for hanging meat. It still has the lingering smell of rot. Alun checks the area for anything unusual and Lenoria checks for magic but neither are found. There are no other doors than the ones they came in. They decide to return to the sanctuary and try the left door.

Once again, the door opens into a narrow corridor that follows the length of the sanctuary. It opens up into another square room with a wardrobe that’s been ransacked. There’s a door on the far end of room. Lenoria detects no magic and Alun finds nothing unusual. They move on to the next room.

Again, there is a matching room with four bunks with slashed mattresses and foot chests. Lenoria detects no magic and Alun finds nothing unusual. There is a door at the far end of the room. They move on to the next room.

Like the other side of the temple, they find a small dining room with a table with four seats and another ransacked sideboard. There is a door at the far end of the room. Alun finds nothing of interest and Lenoria finds nothing magical.

The final door leads into another kitchen that is as ransacked as the previous one. Nothing else of interest is found within it.

The party decides to do a more thorough search of the crypt area to see if there are any secret areas that were missed before.

They descend down the secret staircase to the crypt and begin searching the various dead ends. Alun finds a secret door. He does not find any traps upon it, so they proceed through it, with Alun leading the way. He opens the door and a PHISP is heard. He says “Ow!” and pulls a dart out of his hand. “I feel woozy. . .”

Lenoria gives him a “bit of luck” to help him with his resistance to whatever poison entered his system. They then go through the door, which leads into a narrow passage. Alun continues to look for traps as they go.

As they proceed through the passageway, the floor drops from beneath Alun and Rhain. Rhain manages to not get caught in the drop, stopping just in time. Alun drops and turns, catching the edge of the pit with his fingers. Looking down, they see that the pit is ten feet deep and has spikes at the bottom.

Alun pulls himself up and joins Rhain on the near-side of the pit. At Lenoria’s prompting, Alun attempts to reset and disarm the trap—but to no avail. The pit remains.

The party then decides to get one of the stone lids from the crypt and place it over the spikes in the pit. They then prepare to long jump across the pit. Rhain jumps across pit gracefully. Lenoria gives herself a “bit of luck” and leaps across competently. Kerra takes a running leap and makes it across. Alun then makes a Rhain-worthy leap across. They then continue down the passage.

The passage ends at an iron door. Alun checks it for traps and finds none. Then he goes to pick the lock. Everyone hears a click as the tumblers of the lock turn. Another click sounds and the floor drops beneath Alun and Rhain. Rhain falls into the pit, hurting himself on spikes. Alun manages squirrel around and hang off the edge of the pit by his fingertips.

Alun scrambles up to open the door as Lenoria channels positive energy to heal Rhain. Rhain jumps up and climbs out of the pit. Alun attempts to reset the trap on his side and the floor is restored. The others walk across it to the chamber on the other side.

The party finds themselves in a sizeable room with only a few items within it. There are two small chests, a three-feet high obsidian idol of Shazira (in her flame-haired woman aspect), a masterwork scimitar with flames etched on the blade sitting on a wooden pedestal, a suit of masterwork leather armor with a flame motif, and two scroll cases propped on the chests.

Lenoria detects magic in the room and detects it on the scroll cases. Lenoria gives Alun a “bit of luck” and Alun looks for traps in the room. He finds none. They then check out the chests. Alun finds no traps and finds that it is unlocked. He opens the chest and sees an assortment of gemstones and some silver and gold coins. He checks the second chest, which is also trap-free and unlocked, and finds a bloodstone and five obsidians and some silver and gold coins.

They count the coinage and discover that each chest has fifty silver and fifty gold. The first chest has five agates, three azurites, and two blue quartzes.

The party discusses the distribution of the goods and decide to offer to sell the temple goods to both the Shazirans and the Irthani. They will see what temple will give them the better offer. But first they have to get everything out of the temple.

They load the contents of the chests into backpacks and carry the rest. Making their way back to through the passage, they leap across the pit. Kerra misses and hits the stone lid hard, but climbs up the other side. Alun also misses and hits the stone lid, and attempts to clamber up the other side. He finally makes it. Lenoria channels energy and heals their wounds. They continue down the passage, make their way out of the crypts, and camp in vestment room off the left-hand passage from the sanctuary. Lenoria brings the mule and horse in from the outside and secures them in the sanctuary.

The night passes without incident.

6 Growth 508

Alun appears to have recovered from his illness.

The party loads up and heads out of the temple. Along the way, they discuss the fact that the dealers in Imth are only inclined to “angrily indifferent” toward them and not give them a particularly good price. Rhain brings up the possibility of stashing their goods until they can get a good deal—and not be taxed as dealers.

As they travel through the mountains, they come across what appears to be the scene of a recent skirmish. There are a couple of hobgoblin bodies laying on the ground. There is a broken banner depicting a bone sawed off at the end.

Rage and Raven: Temple of Vengeance (Part Three)
Part Three


24 Awakening 508

The party has made their way out of the catacombs of the temple and back into the large sanctuary area. It is late in the day and the party is wounded from their various fights with the ghouls. The party decides to head out of the sanctuary and camp outside of the temple. Lenoria channels energy from her goddess and heals the party of their wounds.

The night passes without incident.

25 Awakening 508

The following morning, it is noticed by Rhain and Lenoria that Alun is not looking at all well.

Rhain asks if the young man can continue. He says that he can. Kerra gives her brother a chastising look and asks “Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I can keep on,” he says.

However, Lenoria determines that the cause of the problem is ghoul fever, brought on by the bite of one of those foul creatures in the catacombs. It is potentially fatal, and if he succumbs, he could become one of those creatures.

Alun and Rhain turn white with fear. Lenoria is rattled by the information she has brought to light, but Kerra brings up the fact that there must be some good gods in Tarsas if the evil temple they’ve been exploring was rooted out by them. The party decides to return to Imth to seek out a priest to heal him.

The party travels down the mountain trail into the foothills of the Et’tir Mountains. Late in the afternoon, the party finds itself about to enter an area between two foothills. Lenoria notices the glint of the setting sun off of metal at the top of one of the hills.

“There’s metal ahead of us on the hill ahead,” she says as she draws her morningstar. The rest of the party readies themselves as they hear the TWANG of a bowstrings coming from the hills. Alun is hit with an arrow, as is Lenoria.


Alun takes off running around the side of one of the hills. Kerra hustles forward to confront one of the archers on the rise, a hobgoblin. She decapitates her opponent in a mighty slash of her longsword. Kerra is shot with a longbow. Lenoria casts magic weapon on Rhain’s axe. Rhain hustles closer to the next archer, falling ten feet short of the other hobgoblin.

Alun darts between the hills. Kerra hustles to the next hobgoblin and attacks, missing the hob. Rhain moves forward to confront the hobgoblin and attacks, missing the hobgoblin as well. The hobgoblin drops his bow and draws a longsword, attacking Kerra and missing. Lenoria leads the mule towards the site of battle.

Alun sneaks behind the hobgoblin and stabs him hard with his short sword. Rhain attacks and misses. Kerra moves in and attacks, hitting him her longsword. Lenoria continues to lead the mule forward. The hobgoblin attempts to attack Kerra and misses as well.

Alun stabs the hobgoblin with his short sword and the creature falls. Rhain looks perturbed that he didn’t get slay the creature. Lenoria moves forward and channels energy from her goddess to heal the party, and in the process, causes the hobgoblin to rise once again. Rhain rushes forward to deliver a coup de grace to the dazed hobgoblin, severing his spine and slaying him once and for all.

The hobgoblins are looted of armor, weapons, and coin. Then Rhain decides to see if can track where these two hobgoblins came from. He finds a trail that leads deeper into the hills, away from the direction that the party is headed. They decide to abandon the trail and head to Imth, but to lay out the hobgoblin bodies to mark the trail.

They travel on for the rest of the day, camp for the night, and the night passes without incident.

26 Awakening 508

The party travels through the forest throughout the day. The trees are thick and close together, blocking much of the springtime sun.


Late that afternoon, as the party makes its last push before settling in to make camp, everyone hears a rustle in the underbrush as an angry boar emerges from the underbrush, approaching Rhain. The party makes ready with their weapons. Alun throws one of his daggers at the beast while the boar gores Rhain. Lenoria calls down a blessing from her goddess while Kerra lashes out with her longsword, injuring the fierce beast. Rhain deals a mighty blow to the creature, that by all accounts should have felled it, but the creature fights on.

Alun throws another dagger, misses the creature. Rhain then deals the creature another mighty blow, but fails to still the raging beast. The boar tries to gore Rhain again, but misses him. Lenoria touches Kerra to bestow a Bit of luck upon her, which was fortunate, as Kerra was able to finally kill the beast.

The party decides to go ahead and camp and butcher the boar for meat for the day.

The night passes without further incident.

27 Awakening 508

The next morning, Alun is decidedly worse. The party continues traveling for Imth, traversing through the forest. At the end of the day, Alun and Rhain hold up short, having heard a noise in the underbrush. The sound is near Lenoria, who did not hear. Rhain draws his axe and approaches the underbrush, investigating with it. He moves aside a branch and uncovers a dirty-faced dwarf. One side of his head is shaved.

“Come out of the brush,” Rhain says.

Emerging from the brush is a dirty-faced dwarf with one side of head shaved. His dirty clothes have obviously been caught on brambles and been torn. He is unarmed and wears no weapons.

“I don’t want any trouble,” he says in Tradespeak.

“Good, I don’t want any either,” Rhain say.

“If you can spare it, I can use some water,” the dwarf says.

“Why are you running around in the woods without water?” Rhain asks.

“I escaped a mining encampment in the mountains with just the clothes on my back,” the dwarf replies.

Lenoria offers the dwarf her water. He takes a pull off the skin and hands it back, saying “Thank you.”

“I have no love for the Tarsians,” Lenoria says.

Rhain asks her about that and Lenoria explains that her people have been at war with Tarsas before, that there’s a history between the peoples.

“If I’m ever in a position to do you a kindness, my name is Tannic Stonehaven,” the dwarf tells Lenoria.

Lenoria introduces herself. “Where do you come from originally, Tannic?”

" Originally, Khazak-Ur " the dwarf says.

“You just going to run through the forest, or are you going to run to a town?” Rhain asks.

“I’m going to run to the city and try to stowaway on a ship,” Tannic says.

“Stowaway?” Rhain says, incredulous.

“It’s not my favorite way to travel, but I’ve got to get out of here,” the dwarf says.

The party discusses trying to shave the dwarf’s head to throw off any suspicion that he’s a runaway slave. Tannic acquiesces and is thankful that they are willing to help.

“You do me much kindness. Thank you all.”

They also give him 25 gold pieces and 11 copper from the money they got off the hobgoblins. Alun seems to balk, but he is outvoted.

“Do you know anything about the Tarsian churches that are around here? We’re looking for one that can cure disease,” Lenoria asks.

“Cure disease?”

“Yes. Our friend here is sick.”

The dwarf takes a step back away from the group.

“It’s not that kind of disease,” Lenoria reassures him.

Tannic says, “There’s a huge temple to Praathi in the city.” Lenoria is able to identify that faith as the Queen of Dusk and Twilight, a goddess of the balance and neutrality. “There’s also a temple to Irthani.” Lenoria recalls that Irthani was the faith that cleared out the evil temple they were exploring.


They go to part ways with the dwarf when he brings up the fact that they are both heading to the city and suggests that they go together. At first the party balks, thinking that someone is hunting the dwarf. He says that he has seen no sign of hunters in three days. They decide that that is long enough and allow him to travel with them to Imth. He agrees to part ways with them before they go through the gates.

Lenoria asks him if he knows anything about mules and Tannic replies that he has had little experience with mules.

As this was getting toward the end of the day, the party decides to make camp. They also share food with Tannic.

The night passes without incident.

28 Awakening 508

Alun is still looking and feeling poorly, though Lenoria tried rousing him with a Bit of luck. He looks as bad as he did the day before.

The party and Tannic continue on through the forest a short while and emerge at the walled city of Imth. The pennants of gold with the scorpion emblazoned upon them snap in the breeze. They see a line of merchants and other folk waiting to get into the city.

The party gets in the line, parting ways with Tannic. When they get to the guards, one of them points at Alun and asks “What’s wrong with him?”

Lenoria steps in and says, “He’s always been sickly. He’s not as strong as you are.” The guard says “Very well.” They pay their gate fees. Another guard asks her “What about all this equipment on the mule? Are these goods for sale?” Lenoria says “It’s for back-up. My friend breaks a lot of weapons.” The guard eyes her suspiciously, but lets them pass without charging them duties on goods for sale. Finally, they’ve made it into the city.

Lenoria and the others all ask about for the temple of Irthani. Kerra manages to get someone to give them directions to the temple.

Following the directions, they arrive at an ancient building that has clearly seen better days. Out in front of the building is a stone statue of a Eudaimon, its stone weathered and worn.

The party go inside the temple. The edifice is supported by many stone columns. The columns bear many carvings and mosaics of Eudaimoni combatting Kakodaimoni in the sky and on the ground. Milling about are men and women with shaved heads wearing blue robes trimmed in green. One of the blue robed men approaches the party and says something in Tarsian. Rhain asks if he speaks Tradespeaks and the man nods.


“Our friend here is sick,” Rhain says.

“Oh?” the man, presumably a priest, says.

“Ghoul fever,” Rhain elaborates.

“Can one of your order fix that?” Lenoria asks.

“Forgive the indelicacy of the question, but usually there is the matter of a donation to the temple for the services rendered. Usually the donation would be a hundred and fifty gold.”

Lenoria looks to Alun and Kerra. Alun looks a bit more pale, but his sister nods in agreement.

“Okay then,” Lenoria says.

“Come with me, young man,” the priest says. Alun follows the priest. “If the rest of you will wait here in the sanctuary.”

“How long will this be?” Rhain asks.

“Not long.”

Lenoria looks around and sees a wide range of folks in the service of Irthani, young and old, men and women.

After a relatively short amount of time, the priest returns with Alun in tow. Alun doesn’t look better, but the priest says that he will not succumb to the disease. Kerra hands the priest a small pouch of coin and says “Thank you.”

Rhain asks Alun if he feels any better. Alun says no, but that they explain to him that they removed the disease so that he would no longer succumb to its effects. Rhain thinks that maybe he was already healing from the disease and that the priests just took the money. Despite Rhain’s reservations, they decide to move on and let Lenoria diagnose the disease with her magic in the morning.

They move on to the marketplace to negotiate the sale of their goods. Lenoria negotiates the sales. They are not met by friendly merchants, but are not met with hostility either. The markets in Imth appear to be stable. They get a fair market price for their goods. They then split the proceeds with each other fairly and head to the Naked Shepherd to stay the night.

Phamea at the Naked Shepherd recognizes and welcomes the travelers. The Lanyons share a room and Lenoria and Rhain share a room. They all get baths and go down to the common room for a meal. After their meal, they retire to their rooms for the night.

29 Awakening 508

Alun looks a bit better. Rhain insists that the priests didn’t do anything and offers to get Kerra’s money back. She still wants to wait and see what Lenoria says. Lenoria prays over Alun to determine if he is diseased and determines that he is disease-free. He still doesn’t feel very well. He wants to rest another day before heading back to the temple.

They all pay for another day at the inn and chip in for the stabling of the mule. Alun and Kerra stay at the inn while Lenoria goes out to look for work. Rhain wanders the streets of the city, seeing what he can see and complaining to himself, as he doesn’t want to do “chump work”.

Lenoria gets some work as a transcriber of business texts from Sianaean to Tradespeak. She ends up getting five gold pieces for her trouble.

Rhain is walking down of the crowded, busy streets and hears one of the citizens call out in alarm. He is gesticulating in Rhain’s direction. Others start looking in Rhain’s direction. Rhain starts looking at them. The people looking in Rhain’s direction are looking hostile and the crowd is growing. Rhain turns and starts hustling away. As he turns a corner, he feels a hand on his shoulder. Rhain turns and sees a big man in laborer’s clothes. He says something to Rhain that he doesn’t understand.

“I don’t know what you’re saying, but back off,” Rhain says. The barbarian takes a few steps back.

Then the laborer says in Tradespeak “Did you take this man’s purse?”


“He says you did.”

“He’s either mistaken or a liar. I stole nothing.”

The laborer says, “I believe you. But watch your step. Some people don’t like foreigners around here.”

“That would be everybody.”

Rhain turns and adds the incident to his litany of complaints as he wanders the city once more. He eventually makes his way back to the Naked Shepherd.

Lenoria pays for dinner and a pitcher of wine for everyone to enjoy. There is music playing in the background of the common room. Lenoria gets up and finds a dancing partner and dances on the floor. A few others follow suit. The bards follow with a lively tune. Lenoria’s dance partner has wears the braids and beads in his hair of a member of the merchant class. A pleasant evening is spent by all.

30 Awakening 508

Alun is feeling a bit better than yesterday and says that he is ready to go. Lenoria feels that he will probably be at a hundred percent by the time they get to the temple. Kerra says that she is for resting. Alun thinks that resting is costing the party too much and that he is ready to go. The party leaves the inn, with Phamea wishing them good journey, and heads for the mountains and the temple once again. They travel through the forest for the day and set up camp for the evening.


During the first watch, which is Alun’s, Rhain and Lenoria are awakened by the sound of Alun screaming “Spider!” Rhain moves into action and sees Alun being menaced by a giant man-sized spider perched in the branches of a tree above him. Rhain attacks the arachnid with a powerful attack, but the spider still stands. Alun stabs the spider with short sword and it falls out of the tree, dead. Lenoria lights up the trees and sees webbing but nothing else.

Rhain kicks Kerra awake. “Don’t worry, we got the spider. Go back asleep.”

Eventually, everyone goes back asleep and the night passes without further incident.

1 Growth 508

The party travels through the forest and camps that night. The night is quiet.

2 Growth 508

Traveling through the forest, the party encounters an old man looking for herbs. As the party approaches, he stops, watching the party warily. Rhain says “Hello, old man.” The man says, “Good morning.” The party moves on.

That night, the party makes camp and the night passes without incident.

3 Growth 508


Making their way through the forest still, the party hears the sounds of hooves clomping though the forest coming their direction. Lenoria takes the mule to one side and Rhain moves forward, taking up a defensive position, announcing that a horse is approaching. Alun and Kerra stand their ground and wait.

Emerging from the trees ahead, they see a half-orc leading a horse. He is wearing a breastplate and wielding a great axe. With him is a hooded figure with a nocked long composite bow and a rapier at his side. A third figure follows close behind, a lady elf with taloned claws for hands. She wears a longsword at her side.

The half-orc assess the party, motions for the two with him to halt and says, “Ho, ho. What do we have here?”

“We’re travelers. What’s it to you?” Lenoria says, belligerently.

He chuckles. “You have spirit, woman.”

“Thank you.”

“What’s on the mule?” he asks.

“Our belongings. What’s on your horse?” Lenoria asks.

“Usually me, if I wasn’t in this gods-forsaken forest,” he replies.

“The forest makes it slightly tricky, doesn’t it?” Lenoria says. “Been a lot of spiders around here. I don’t know if you’ve run into any. Watch the trees at night. That’s my advice to you, my friend. And for hobgoblins too.”

“You talk a lot, woman,” the half-orc says.

“That’s because you’re not saying anything, my friend. It makes us nervous what your intentions are.”

“Then I’ll make it simple for you. Why don’t I take that mule off your hands and then we’ll be on our way.”

“Aren’t you cute. I don’t think so,” Lenoria says.

Rhain throws his axe at the elf with claws for hands, hitting her with the hurled weapon and then runs for her. This throws the rest of the party into combat mode and everyone begins to attack.

Alun throws a dagger into the man with a bow. Lenoria touches Alun and gives him a “bit of luck” and then casts Copycat on herself. Kerra then steps up to the half-orc and attacks him. The half-orc then swings on Kerra with his greataxe and hits her mightily. The man with the bow then fires on Rhain and hits. The elf then murmurs something and touches herself. Rhain then moves in to trip the elf, but fails.

The half-orc attacks Kerra again with his greataxe and misses. The bowman fires and misses. The elf utters a word and casts a spell, pointing at Rhain, Rhain takes the opportunity to attack the spellcaster with his fists, but misses. The sorceress gets her spell off and Rhain feels momentarily shaken to the core with fear. Alun throws another dagger and strikes the bowman. Rhain attempts to trip her again, and succeeds despite his fear, making her prone. Lenoria then moves away from the archer and casts cure light wounds on Kerra. Kerra then attacks the half-orc, dealing a critical hit on the leader of the other party and knocks him back.

Rhain attacks the prone elf on the ground with his mace, fumbling his attack and hurting himself in the process. Kerra pursues her enemy, the half-orc, and attacks, hitting him with her longsword. Alun loses his grip on his weapon. Lenoria moves in and gives Rhain a “bit of luck”. The half-orc attacks Kerra and misses. The bowman fires at Alun and misses. The clawed elf then attempts to attack Rhain with her claws. Rhain takes the opportunity to make a strike with his mace. She misses with her claws.


The half-orc smashes himself in the head with his greataxe. The bowman hits Alun with his bow. The elf rises from her prone position, which Rhain takes advantage of to strike her again with his mace. He feels the crack her skull as she falls. Lenoria casts Copycat on herself and then Bless on the group. Kerra then attacks the half-orc again. Alun moves up on the hooded bowman and attacks him with his short sword. Rhain moves and attacks, flanking the half-orc. The half-orc falls.

The bowman starts backing away from Alun. Alun and Kerra take the opportunity to attack. Kerra misses, but Alun hits. The bowman is holding himself and staggering, and he says “Take your mule and go!”

Alun moves up and attacks, but misses the man. Rhain attacks with his light mace and fells the man. Rhain coup de graces all of the party members to make sure they don’t get back up. Lenoria collects the mule while Rhain reveals the bowman’s face as that of a male half-elf. He begins to strip their bodies.

The half-orc was wearing a masterwork breastplate, was wielding a masterwork greataxe, had a sap tucked into his belt, was wearing a gold necklace around his neck, had a pouch of 124 gold pieces, and a pouch with 3 vials. The bowman had a masterwork composite longbow (not set to strength), a rapier, masterwork studded leather, quiver with 15 arrows, a pouch with 73 gold pieces and 4 vials (2 of which appear to be the same thing). He also wears a hooded cloak along with standard adventurer’s clothes. The clawed elf wears a masterwork longsword. She has a pouch with 10 gold pieces. She has a pouch with two vials and a scroll case tucked into her belt with three scrolls in it. The riding horse has bit, bridle, saddle, two saddle bags, 30 days of trail rations, 3 water skins, and 4 javelins.

Lenoria attempts to detect magic on the various goods they find, detecting magic from each of the vials and the scrolls.

Rage and Raven: Temple of Vengeance (Part Two)
Part Two

22 Awakening 508


Lenoria has been revived with the help of a potion provided by Rhain. The party is surrounded by the bodies of three fallen hobgoblins. Alun, Rhain, and Kerra strip the bodies of gear, including studded leather armor, shields, longswords, longbows, and arrows. Lenoria casts healing spells on herself and on Rhain. Finally, the party is ready to continue through the foothills of the Et’tir Mountains. They unhitch their mule and march on for the rest of the day.

That night, the four take watches. First Alun, then Lenoria, followed by Kerra, and finally Rhain. The night passes without incident.

23 Awakening 508


The party emerges from the foothills and into the mountains proper, following a narrow pass. As the band passes through a particularly narrow portion of the pass, they are ambushed by another band of hobgoblins. Two archers surround them on the ridges while another approaches from the front and another approaches from the rear. Lenoria places the blessing of her goddess on the party. Rhain takes care of the hobgoblin approaching from the rear while the archers continue menacing the party from the ridges. After felling the rearmost hob, Rhain rage-climbs the ridge nearest him and spirits of his ancestors attack the archer. Alun continues to throw daggers at the other archer while Kerra takes on the foremost hob. Lenoria gives Alun a “bit of luck” in the form of a spell while Rhain grapples his foe to the ground and continues to shiv him with a dagger. Lenoria takes out her light crossbow and trains it on the other archer. Meanwhile, Rhain has slain the first archer and is calculating his next move. The foremost hobgoblin takes off Kerra’s ear as Lenoria takes out the second archer with her crossbow. Rhain runs and jumps from the ridge, miscalculating slightly, and jumps over the foremost hob. However, this puts him in a flanking position, with the hob between him and Kerra. Lenoria emits healing energy over the whole party as the last hob is slain.

These hobgoblins are stripped of armor and weapons and the party continues down the pass. The pass eventually widens and the group is able to make a passable camp.

The night passes without incident.

24 Awakening 508

At mid-morning, the pass begins to incline and narrow into a footpath. The party comes to a stone courtyard in front of a large structure on top of a plateau. The courtyard is dominated by three large columns of carved obsidian depicting Kakodaimoni confronting their archenemies, Eudaimoni. There is also a 10’ obsidian statue of Shazira in her aspect of a woman with a face of smoke and a long-hafted axe. There is a also an open set of double-doors into the structure at the head of the courtyard. Alun is elected to check out the courtyard and the double-doors.

As he carefully approaches the double-doors, a swarm of bats suddenly emerges from within and engulfs the young rogue. He cries out in pain and in alarm. Rhain lights a torch while the others ineffectively try to beat off the swarming creatures. Rhain eventually manages to scare off the vermin with fire, but not before Alun’s face and arms are covered in tiny bits and scratches. Alun continues to search out the courtyard and finds nothing of interest.

They stake the mule out on the plateau and approach the building. Alun takes the lead, with Rhain close behind with a torch and his axe. Lenoria follows with Kerra in the back with Light cast on her sword.

The doors open into a long, high-ceilinged sanctuary. The floor is of tiled stone. The ceiling is supported by broad pillars of obsidian collared in gold. The pillars are carved with more Kakodaimoni warring with Eudaimoni. The walls are painted with depictions of the goddess Shazira in all of her aspects, the smoke-faced judge, the flame-haired warrior, and the red-beaked raven of death. The party’s footfalls echo in the wide, high room.

The room ends in a wide a platform approached by a series of steps. Atop the steps is a toppled brass statue of the flame-haired goddess behind an altar with chains on it. Beside the altar are two cold braziers. There are also two large pillars flanking the statue. On either side of the platform are two doors, one on the left, one on the right.

Before checking out the doors, it is decided to check out the platform and the statue. Alun moves forward to do just that, approaching the toppled statue. He moves around to check it out when the party hears him say, “Guys, a little help!”


Rhain runs around the other side of the platform and sees a spider, the size of a man, menacing the young rogue. He also now sees its large, funneled web set up behind the statue. It strikes at Alun, biting him. Rhain, in turn, strikes at the spider, doing it a great deal of harm. Alun attacks it with his short sword, also doing it a bit of damage. Finally, Rhain takes it down, it turning over onto its back and its legs curling up in its death throes.

Alun continues his search and finds a secret panel in one of the pillars. It hides a spiral staircase leading down. They elect to follow it.

Heading down the staircase, they emerge into a sizable room with an open door leading west and a door leading south. They decide to go south. They move into a smaller room with two barred double doors—one set leading south, the other leading west. They open the southern doors and see that they lead into a hallway and some catacombs. They head back up and take the open door to the west. This leads into a room that appears to be a series of opened cells. The room ends in a closed door. Alun checks it out and finds no traps and that it is unlocked. Opening it, they discover another sizable room with chains on the walls and bolted to the floor. There are no other exits from the room.

They return to the room leading into the catacombs and search it out. Sure enough, Alun finds a secret door leading into what was probably a treasury—and now only contains a few (eleven, to be exact) copper coins.

At this point, they elect to go into the catacombs.


As they explore the grid complex of the catacombs, Rhain hears movement. Alun is then surprised by a gaunt figure that emerges from around a corner—a gaunt figure with sharp teeth and claws. As Alun engages with the creature, Rhain flips over and around Alun to get to the other side of him in the hallway. Alun finds himself paralyzed by some sort of toxin exuded by the creature. Lenoria blesses the party. Rhain manages to slay the creature and then whacks its head off with his axe for good measure. Alun recovers from his paralysis after a few moments and decides to search the catacombs for baubles with Kerra while Rhain and Lenoria take point.

Eventually, the four catch up to each other and, once again, movement is heard up ahead. Rhain stealths ahead with everyone following quietly behind. Then Rhain attacks around a corner where the movement was heard. Soon, another of the creatures is dispatched. The party explores the grid pattern of the catacomb, Rhain and Lenoria in the lead and the Lanyons in the rear, and finds nothing of interest. They head back upstairs into the sanctuary.

Session Twenty-Nine
Spirited Arrivals

25 Ardor 508


The party goes back to the Whistling Spirit after their night at the fights, slightly dispirited after Rilka’s announcement that she would no longer be participating in the shenanigans. Everyone heads back to their rooms for a night of rest.

Surm is awakened by a moaning sound that fills the room. He wakes his brother, Mõrvar, who stands in front of the door with his great sword, Deathblow. Surm illuminates the room with dancing lights. Nothing in the room seems to be making the sound. Surm searches the room for a source of the sound. His thoroughness is rewarded—a worn portion of one of the support beams reveals that a metal rod has been inserted into the beam.

First the two brothers decide to head to the room above them, so they go upstairs—then they change their minds and go downstairs to the common room. They light their way with a light spell cast on Mõrvar’s sword. They head into the kitchens and Surm sees movement near a door at the rear of the room. He casts dancing lights to illuminate the room and catches a serving in the light. Brandishing his dagger, Surm demands “What are you doing here?”

“N-nothing. What are you doing here?” the boy responds.

Mõrvar intimidates the boy into submission. “What are you doing here?” he demands to know.

“I just do what the innkeep says!” the boy squeaks.

“And what is that?”

“Guard this door.”

“Take us to him,” Surm says.

The boy goes to the door and knocks twice, opens it, and leads the two brothers down a staircase into a basement lit by lantern light.

The innkeep is at the bottom of the staircase, along with a series of support beams with pins sticking out them. He greets the boy before he sees the two armed Northron men. “Torny what’s going on?” Then he sees the brothers. “What’s going on?” he demands. “Why are you not in your rooms?”

Surm explains that they heard moaning and came to investigate and that now he’s caught red-handed. The innkeep continues to bluster, but between Mõrvar’s intimidation and Surm’s diplomacy, he is persuaded to give the brothers a full refund of the party’s stay at the inn. The innkeep takes them to his small office and gives them the coin for the refund. Before leaving, the innkeep is told to keep up the moaning sounds for the two half-orc companion’s rooms, however.

The brothers head upstairs and Surm proceeds to wake up Savaric and Rilka, asking them if they heard the moaning. Sure enough, there is moaning in their rooms. It seems to be alternating back and forth between the two rooms. Mõrvar convinces Savaric to look upstairs. In the meantime, Rilka stays in her room and listens.

While Savaric is upstairs and Rilka stays in her room, Surm and Mõrvar stack the furniture in Savaric’s room.

Surm casts ghost sounds of moaning moving down the hall and hangs out of his room. When Rilka pokes her head out to investigate, he asks if she heard that moaning. She continues to stand in the doorway listening when Savaric returns, having found nothing of interest upstairs.

The two half-orcs decide to sneak downstairs and see what they can see. When they get to the bottom of the stairs, they surprise the innkeep, who blurts out “It’s not my fault!”

Rilka demands to know what he means by that, though he demurs, saying that it was just a reaction to being startled. Savaric says “We hear it too. We’re trying to find it for you.”

Meanwhile, a wailing begins to take place upstairs. People begin opening their doors to see what the fuss is about and then shutting them and locking them as the wailing begins to grow.

The wailing seems to unnerve the innkeep. He says, “Look, I’m just doing what I was told.”

“What were you told?” Rilka asks.

“To make the moans! Look, I already gave you people a refund.”

“Who told you?”

“The two Northrons.”

At that, Rilka goes upstairs and confronts Mõrvar and Surm, chasing Surm around his room. Savaric and Rilka eventually return to their rooms to find their furniture stacked in ways that no human being could possibly stack them. . .

26 Ardor 508

The next morning, Savaric tips the innkeep ten gold pieces—but Surm gives the man a look and admonishes him until he gives the half-orc the money back. Rilka buys everyone a nice breakfast, congratulating the brothers on being clever last night. After a hearty meal, everyone loads up and gets on the road to Aldasar.

Along the way, the party discusses the possibility of hiring out porters and guards to oversee the party’s camp. Various pros and cons are hashed out. Regardless, nothing can be decided until they get to a city.

They arrive at Aldasar, the capitol of Leilior, at sunset. After paying the gate taxes, they head to Umbergrow and Waigh’s, a posh inn near the city’s center. After paying for rooms, baths, etc., they come down to the common room in their “fancy” clothes. Mõrvar, Savaric, and Surm discuss the possibility of going to find another underground fight and try to persuade Rilka to come along. They eventually persuade her to come.


They change out of their fancy clothes and head to the docks to gather information about the underground fight scene. They discover that there is a certain warehouse where such fights occur. A burly half-orc guards the door and questions them about their intent. He warns them that there is a door charge of five gold pieces each. When told that there is a contender among them, he tells them to find Cairicol. He can usually be found near the betting booths.

The half-orc lets them in and they enter a makeshift vestibule where a man flanked by two burly guards is collecting the five gold piece cover charge. Once the cover charge is collected, the party enters the warehouse proper. There are three fighting circles set up with a spectators watching and a row of betting booths lined up along the far wall. It doesn’t take long to find Cairicol, a human who seems to be directing much of the action.

Surm introduces himself and points out that he has two contenders here that would like to fight. One is undefeated and one needs to be broken in. He asks if they do pairs fighting. Cairicol allows that they do, when they have the pairs worth doing it with. Mõrvar makes a point to act nervous, to get into the part of a new fighter, hoping to drive his odds up. Cairicol gives them 1 in 4 odds and will work them in tonight. Have them ready in half an hour. Remember: no armor, no weapons, and no magic. Surm and the promoter shake on it and Cairicol goes to make the arrangements.

Surm makes his way through the crowd, trying to get a sense of who their going to be fighting. He hears that they are going to fight a set of twin half-orcs by the names of Kortash and Burask. Surm tries to convince some of the nobles in attendance to come watch the fight with him, but has no luck.

The fighters are fairly evenly matched. Nevertheless, Mõrvar and Savaric are victorious. As the party are collecting their winnings, Cairicol approaches Surm about having Mõrvar fight more often, asking how long they’re going to be in the city. Surm demurs, saying that they are not going to be staying in the city and don’t know when they’re going to be back. Surm once again tries to work the room, but fails. In the meantime, Mõrvar and Savaric invite Kortash and Burask out for drinks.

The party and the two half-orc twins all go for drinks at a dive tavern called The Dented Mug. The twins are originally from Leilior and work on the docks here in Aldasar, when they’re not fighting. They’ve been in the city for five years. The party tells stories of their adventures. During the evening, Kortash subtly moves his chair closer to Rilka. During a lull in the evening, Surm goes to leave. Mõrvar shakes hands with the half-orcs and goes to leave as well. Savaric takes the hint as well. Rilka and Kortash have an exchange, where he says that she has plenty of men to walk her back to her inn, though she says she wouldn’t mind another. So Kortash walks her back to the Umbergrow and Waigh’s.

Once at the inn, Rilka and Kortash have another drink while Mõrvar attempts to flirt with the innkeep—and is shot down. Rilka and Kortash chat for awhile and finally she asks him if he wants to come upstairs he does and they do.

Mõrvar manages to have no companionship this evening. He goes upstairs and wakes up Surm to discuss the possibility of hiring Kortash and Burask as porters. Surm doesn’t want the bother of hiring more half-orcs into the party.

27 Ardor 508


Rilka and Kortash head downstairs for breakfast. Everyone (save Kortash) is dressed in their fancy clothes as they have breakfast. Surm asks Kortash to step away for a moment, and he does. The party then discuss the possibility of hiring Kortash and Burask as hirelings. Surm is still against it, but most of the others seem to be for it. It is finally decided to ask if they would be interested. They bring Kortash back over and make the proposition. He says it sounds like a good deal, but would have to talk to Burask about it first. He excuses himself, kisses Rilka’s hand, and exits.

Rilka stays at the inn to wait for Kortash and Burask while Savaric goes shopping at the armorer and Mõrvar and Surm go looking for a job.

Savaric manages to secure a masterwork agile breastplate.

Rilka greets Kortash and Burask, who return to say that they are “in” and would like the job.

Surm gets word that there is a dwarf by the name of Kragar Stoneanvil at Uilliam’s Resting Place who is looking for adventurers. So he and his brother head to that inn to inquire about the job. Kragar is there and is the only dwarf in the common room. The quest is to go to Jossia, to the Daggerspine, where there is an abandoned dwarven outpost. The outpost is overrun by creatures of the Underdark. Kragar wants the outpost’s leader’s journal/logbook. The leader supposedly never made it out of the outpost alive. There is little in the way of dwarven treasure left there, as the outpost was abandoned, but the party is welcome to whatever is found. Kragar just wants that journal. He will pay 500 gold pieces, 250 now, 250 upon delivery. Surm manages to talk him up to 1000 gold. They will know the journal by the seal of the outpost prominently on display on the journal. Kragar will be waiting for them at Uilliam’s Resting Place. Kragar takes 500 gold from his strongbox at the inn and pays the brothers half the agreed rate.

Once the brothers return to Umbergrow and Waigh’s, they see that the two half-orcs have arrived and are willing to be hired on as porters. There is talk of drawing up a contract, but it is agreed that their word, and the party’s word, will be their bond. Pay day will be when they arrive in a city. Their new job will start tomorrow. With all in agreement, the half-orcs take their leave to make their final arrangements.

Next Surm returns to the marketplace and hires a footman and two guards. Mahgnus will oversee the camp while Alasir (a former city guardsman) and Sorcha (a former mercenary) will guard it.

Once those arrangements are made, Surm returns and the party makes various plans for provisioning, including tents. After all the arrangements are finally made, the party beds down for the night.

28 Ardor 508

The entourage gathers downstairs at the inn. Once all the gear is gathered, the party rides out of Aldasar toward the north.

The day passes without incident. In the afternoon, the city of Kivley looms in the distance, but the party decides to bypass it.

The night passes warm, but quiet.

29 Ardor 508

The day passes warm and without incident. The city of Skeene is passed in the afternoon.

That night, Surm is attacked by a dire wolf, but the creature is eventually dispatched by the party. Rilka and Mõrvar drag the corpse out of camp and Savaric collects the creature’s teeth. Alasir finishes Surm’s watch, as he’s too traumatized to finish.

30 Ardor 508

This day is passed without incident as well. The party rides around the city of Braith at the end of the day. Rilka reorganizes the guard shifts to ensure that Surm doesn’t guard alone anymore.

1 Longday 508


The party travels northwest into Jossia and arrive in Yrda by sundown. The people there openly stare at the stately entourage that enters the rural village. The group is eventually met by the King and the elder-priests of the village, as identified by Rilka. One of the priests, Lazar Gonlafsson, is Rilka’s adoptive father and priest of Bruni. The two embrace and greet each other. The King welcomes them to Yrda and says that this is indeed a great day of homecoming, for another of their prodigals have come home. Leglaf Alefsson has come home as well. There will be a celebration in the main hall. The party is led to the center of the village to the main longhouse. . .

Session Twenty-Eight
Flames, Halflings, and Fisticuffs

18 Ardor 508


As the party comes downstairs from their suite in the Rampant Unicorn, dressed in their fancy clothes for their visit to the local shrine, they spot a merchant checking out. He’s berating the innkeep, obviously upset about something. “It’s outrageous! Outrageous I tell you!”. The merchant spots the party coming down the stairs and makes a point of pointing at the innkeep again. “Outrageous!”

The party eats a basic breakfast in the common room and notices the merchant group that Surm spoke with last night. There are close to twenty of them, making preparations for their journey. They also have an entertainer in their group—Mõrvar notes that she is pretty. They also have a healer, a priest of Cereth—Surm finds this interesting. Nevertheless, the party lets them alone and they move on, following their plan to go to shrine of Wygulf Darkbane.

As they get in line to go on the ferry that runs to the island shrine, Furfur takes off. After a brief discussion, the party changes their mind about going to the shrine and turn around and head toward the road to the mountain pass. As they move, Furfur returns and alights on Mõrvar’s shoulder.

As they approach the pass, they see the larger group at the beginning of the pass. They note that they have six wagons has part of their entourage and their six guards and various members on horseback. The party passes the group, shouting greetings and salutations as they go by. Mõrvar winks at pretty entertainer as he passes.

They ride throughout the day and make it through the pass and out the other side and camp in the forest at sundown. on the other side, making it to Ornis.

During Mõrvar’s guard shift, Furfur flies from his shoulder over to Savaric’s sleeping form and looks around his hand and flies back. “You should have the ring,” the bird tells Mõrvar.


“Savaric should have the ring,” Mõrvar counters.

“You could do much,” Furfur says.

“I can already do much,” Mõrvar says, confident.

“You can do more,” the bird presses.

“Then Savaric would do less. We would all do less. We are a family. We are strong together, me Savaric, Rilka, and Surm.”

“Surm doesn’t trust you,” the bird says, slyly.

“He trusts me so far. He knows how far I can go.”

The bird says no more that night.

19 Ardor 508

Everyone changes into traveling clothes and the party continues traveling down the trail toward Glofthall.

Around noontime, Surm, Rilka, and Mõrvar notice a large dragon-like creature flying down toward them from sky. The three cry “Scatter!” and put words to action. Furfur flies off.

Unfortunately, in the scatter action, Surm and Savaric are thrown from their mounts, just as a ball of fire erupts around them. Surm is caught up entirely in the flames, while Savaric manages to avoid some of their deadly force. The drake lands and engages with the Ranger.

Mõrvar stops, dismounts, and goes looking for his brother. Surm looks for cover. The drake bites viciously into Savaric. Rilka dismounts and heads toward the drake while Savaric attacks with Edgefrost and notices that the cold seems to adversely affect this creature.


Then Rilka is there and attacks and misses. Mõrvar casts True Strike on his weapon and moves in. Savaric misses the drake with his weapon. The drake goes to bite Savaric again and misses. Surm, from his newfound position of cover, casts Ray of Frost and damages the drake.

Rilka attacks and hits the drake with her falchion. Surm hits the drake again with a Ray of Frost. Savaric hits again with Edgefrost. The drake tries to hit with a tail swipe and misses. Mõrvar hits it and finally slays the drake.

Rilka gathers the horses while Savaric gets the teeth and talons off of the drake. Savaric and Surm treat each others wounds. Finally, the party is ready to move on. They continue through the forest until they make camp for the night.

20 Ardor 508

The party breaks camp in the morning and continues through the forest for the rest of the day. At the end of the day, they arrive at Glofthall. After paying their gate taxes, they head to the Lost Griffon, an inn near the market center. It’s a modest inn, nothing fancy. There are some common merchants inside, some barmaids, a couple of lady-adventurers inside, and a pair of dwarves.

The party get rooms, a meal, and seat themselves in the quiet common room. Everyone seems to be minding their own business. After a brief discussion, they decide to get a job on the way to the north. So Surm approaches the innkeep and asks if he knows of anyone heading north looking for caravan guards or if there is a gathering place for people looking for such work.

The innkeep says that he thinks that those dwarves are heading north. I don’t know if they need guards. Or there’s the market center. Surm returns to the table and announces that he will be going to the market center in the morning.

21 Ardor 508

Everyone is dressed in their “Captain Rilka” costumes and head out to the market center for Glofthall. At the center of the marketplace is a series of large posts where various postings are to be had: wanted posters, bills, workers wanted, etc. There are also criers out soliciting work for various outfits. Savaric and Mõrvar get distracted and want to go check out the postings but Captain Rilka tells them to “stay in formation” and they stay with her. Surm asks them to hang out at The Hound, a nearby tavern, while he checks the posts for work and possibly becomes a crier himself, soliciting work.


Surm checks the posts and doesn’t have much luck finding something appropriate for their group. So he joins the criers in soliciting work. Before too long, he is approached by an old man who says he’s headed north. He’s a chandler—he makes candles and other wax products. He’s got two wagons. He and his wainwright are heading north to Pylar and could use some guards on the road. Surm impresses him with their credentials of “Slayer of a Dire Wolf in Jenna” and the letter of reference from Kyra Feldane in Skeene for helping with a murder investigation. The old man wants to meet this “Captain Rilka”. So Surm leads the old man to The Hound where the rest of the party is waiting.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party has been waiting at the The Hound. The Hound is mostly occupied by clerks and scribes from the city courts. So it is certainly not the lively tavern that Mõrvar was hoping for. Surm leads the old man to the party and introduces him to “Captain Rilka.” The old man’s name is Daveth Shandrel. They work out the details of the trip. He also comments that he’s never traveled with a half-orc before, but then she’s probably never traveled with a wax-work before. Then comes the negotiation of price. Shandrel proposes pay of 3 silver per day per guard. Surm proposes double pay due to military experience, unless he’s also going to pay for food. Shandrel proposes 4 silver per day, but he’ll also provide food. The deal is made.

They return to their rooms at the Lost Griffon and let the innkeep know that they want to be woken up before sunrise.

22 Ardor 508

The party is awakened shortly before dawn. They gather their belongings and ride out to the market center to meet Daveth Shandrel and Jory at their wagons. Daveth introduces Jory, another grizzled older man. Rilka arranges which guard goes where and the group heads out of the city, heading north up the road.


It’s a warm summer day. The day passes without much incident and without much chatter. Both Daveth and Jory are fairly taciturn men. As the sun goes down, Daveth asks if one of the men can scout out a place for the wagons to pull over. Rilka has Savaric do it. Savaric scouts ahead and finds a clearing and yells back about it. The group pulls over and starts making a camp area with tents. Rilka and company set up on the perimeter and take care of the horses.

During the first guard shift, Surm’s guard shift, he hears a friendly voice call out from the darkness “Hail to the camp!”

Wary, Surm calls out “Who goes there?”

" Jonstan Longstaff is the name. I saw your fire and thought ‘safety in numbers’ and all that. Nice night to camp to though, don’t you think… " and he goes on like this for a good five minutes.

“Come into the light.”

“Alright. Perfectly right. You can’t be too careful, I always say. Ruffians about these days…” He continues to speak as he comes into the light. He’s a halfling, dressed in traveling clothes and a hat. He’s got pouches on his person and a backpack and bedroll. He’s carrying a fishing pole which he has cocked over his shoulder “…and they had the worse fishing holes I’ve ever seen…”

Surm, wary that this might be a distraction for ruffians, looks about for others, and wakes up Rilka. Rilka checks out the halfling and asks him what his business is and he says, amongst other things, he’s on his way to Kalimsport to fish in the ocean. “Biggest city in the world, you know…” Rilka decides to wake up Daveth. She does so and updates him on the events and the old man comes over to loquacious halfling. “Oh, this is your camp. Well you can’t too be careful, I always say…” The old man asks Rilka if he’s armed. She checks him for weapons and finds only a sling. “Well, it’s only for one night and he seems harmless enough. Alright.”

So they clear him out a space in front of the fire and during the night, each shift notifies the other of the halfling in camp—with an admonishment to NOT wake him up to talk to him. Mõrvar stares at him as if he might be illusion during his guard shift.


23 Ardor 508

Rilka wakes up Daveth, and then wakes up the halfling. Mõrvar is standing over him, intimidatingly. He tries to strike up a conversation, but is even cowed a bit by the staring Mõrvar. Still, he wishes them all good journey and make his way down the road, south, to Kalimsport. The party all check their belongings—nothing is missing.

They all march up the road. It’s another warm summer day that passes peacefully. Savaric has trouble finding a clearing for the wagons to camp in that evening, but eventually finds one as the sun is barely visible on the horizon. The night passes without incident.

24 Ardor 508

As the group travels this morning, they pass a group a of old men in robes and large floppy hats scouring the wilderness for herbs. Around noon, they pass Tower Iosabail, one of the Towers of Wizardry that dot the land.

As the day wanes, Savaric eventually finds another camping spot for the wagons and the night passes without incident.

25 Ardor 508

This morning, Daveth informs them that they will be entering the city of Hollton to crossover their bridge into the city of Pylar. They’ll probably get into the city of Hollton by tonight, but he’s not sure if they’ll make it to the gate at Pylar in time, as they shut at nightfall. Hollton is in Ornis, Pylar is in Leilior

They ride through another warm summer day and arrive at the gates of Hollton in late afternoon. The gate taxes are paid by Daveth. As they ride through the city, slowly with the wagons and traffic, the sun is going down. Surm rides ahead to the bridge gate. “Captain Rilka is escorting Daveth Shandrel and will need to cross. They are currently waylaid by traffic, but will be here.” The guard responds “We’re not familiar with Captain Rilka, but we’re happy to oblige if they’re on their way.” Surm stays with the guards and makes some small talk.

The wagon finally breaks through the traffic jam and makes its way through. Daveth pays his fees and they are in Pylar. He makes his way to the market and sets up his wagons. He then settles up and says that he was happy to do so—though it was a quiet trip, you never know what you’ll find and they did a fine job of keeping an eye on things. Daveth then gives them some recommendations on some local inns. He tells them about the Lively Falcon at the North Gate, to stay away from The Goblin’s Teeth, and that the Whistling Spirit is nearby, but some people say its haunted. They say their goodbyes and move on.


After a brief discussion, the party decides to stay at the Whistling Spirit. Savaric and Rilka seem fascinated by this ghost idea. Surm and Mõrvar, not as much. When they get there and arrange for their rooms, the half-orcs quiz the innkeeper on the ghost. At first he kind of pooh-poohs the idea, but then he warms to the idea that there strange, unexplained noises and moaning in the inn. He doesn’t claim its a ghost—but he doesn’t discount it either. The noises have been there for the past few years. Nobody’s found a source for the noises.

Mõrvar and Surm try to get Savaric to get out and come with them to fight at the Goblins Teeth. They also convince Rilka to come, too. “Someone’s got to watch your backs…,” though she protests the cheating plan they have to cast mage armor on Savaric.

They go into the Goblin’s Teeth inn. It’s a ramshackle inn on the riverfront. A wide variety of races are inside—humans, half-orcs, dwarves, half-elves. They find a table and sit down. “What’ll it be?” asks a half-orc barmaid. Rilka orders four ales. Surm asks her about the local fight club. " I don’t know nothing about that. But you might ask Murtog. " She points to a large, bald human sitting at another table.

Surm and Mõrvar head over to Murtog’s table. Surm asks about the local fights. Murtog looks him up and down and laughs and says he doesn’t look like a fighter. Surm points at Savaric and says “That’s my boy over there. He’s undefeated.” The two discuss his history and Murtog seems to know of Rollgut over in Jenna. Murtog says he’ll have to see him fight. So he says to follow him.

As Surm gathers up Savaric and Rilka, he casts Mage Armor on Savaric on the sly. They follow the human to a riverside warehouse that has fighting going on inside. He asks them to wait while he makes arrangements. Murtog returns and says that because he’s an unknown, the best odds he can get is 1/10. He fights for a purse of 10 gold. "Get your boy ready, " he says.

Savaric gets ready while the others (except for Rilka) place their bets. Then he’s brought to the ring and meets his challenger—a half-elf. Lithe and athletically built. The referee shouts “Fight!” and the two go at it.


At first, Savaric clearly dominates the fight. He’s got the speed and the muscle on his opponent. But, his opponent seems to be able to take his blows. But then, his foe gets in really good punch, crushing Savaric’s trachea. Now the half-orc can’t breathe. He’s holding his breath and hoping he can take out the half-elf quickly and get to some healing before he keels over. Finally, he does just that. His opponent falls and his companions bring the healing wand over to administer healing to his crushed windpipe.

Mõrvar and Surm collect their winnings, but Murtog comes by and warns, not in a threatening way, that “If I were you, I’d take your winnings and get the hell out of here.” Mõrvar shakes hands with him and they make their way out.

Rilka sees the others making their way out and makes her way out as well. She is not impressed with the night’s shenanigans. She tells them that from now on, for fight club nights, they’re on their own. She’s not participating. Surm seems hurt. “You’d let us go to a place like that without your back up.”

“Yep. If you’re picked up by the watch, I’ll come bail you out.”

“Places like that, you’re not picked up by the watch. There’s a reason why they’re by the riverfront.”

“Then we’re in a quandary.”

They return to the Whistling Spirit, mood soured by Rilka’s pronouncement.

Session Twenty-Seven

3 Ardor 508


At the Dusty Cartwright, Mõrvar has arranged for everyone to have rooms and a meal tonight. He and Furfur go upstairs to get cleanup and then return to the common room. Once there, Mõrvar scopes out the room, looking for Seela. He spots her sitting with another man at a table. The man looks to be an adventurer, beefy but with a pretty face. He orders Seela a drink and has it delivered to her table.

Finally, Surm, Rilka, and Savaric return from selling off the party’s goods and conducting business. Rilka arranges for a runner to take her clothes to a nearby laundry, an idea that Surm and Savaric use as well. They then arrange for hot baths to be drawn for each of them. Eventually, they come to the common room, clean and no longer in their soiled travel clothes. In fact, Surm has purchased new courtier’s clothes in the latest Eacenian fashion with new jewelry to go with them.

Mõrvar buys a bottle of whiskey for the table and another bottle to be sent to Seela’s table. They discuss various topics while at the table, eating and drinking. Mõrvar brings up, yet again, using Magrathar’s keep as a base of operations. He also brings up the possibility of using his share of the proceeds to invest in a tavern. The party discusses Seela and her new beau (or “john” according Surm) and whether or not Mõrvar should go and talk to them. They also discuss their plans for heading back into Jossia and visiting Rilka’s home village. The debate is whether to sail to the Leilioran highlands and then travel into Jossia (which would be the shortest route), or to go by land and take work along the way. They consider taking a the pass at Wycliff thorough the Slayt Mountains. They also consider visiting Surm and Mõrvar’s uncle Thormax while they are in Jossia. Finally, they decide to go by land through Wycliff. Surm says that they should plan on leaving in a couple of days, giving time for preparations and such.

At this time, Seela and the young man approach their table. He puts out his hand to Mõrvar and says “Thank you for the bottle.” The two men shake hands. Mõrvar asks him what brings him to Jenna, that he looks to be the adventuring sort. He answers that he’s here for some rest and relaxation between journeys. The man wishes them all a good evening and departs upstairs with Seela.

“Took what’s yours,” Furfur croaks.

“I’ve already had it,” Mõrvar remarks.

Rilka excuses herself and heads to bed. The three men then discuss the possibility of going to the fight club, maybe betting on Savaric again, like they did last time they were in town. Savaric doesn’t want to fight, he’d rather just watch the fights and bet on them. Discouraged from the idea, the men decide to head to bed as well. Before heading up, Mõrvar manages to convince a woman named Davra to come to his room with him, ensuring he doesn’t spend the night alone.

4 Ardor 508

The next morning, the party arranges for another night’s stay with meals and then heads out into the marketplace to make preparations for their journey.

Surm wants everyone to get courtier’s clothes like him in order to boost their reputations with the upper class. The rest of the party grudgingly decides to go along with the idea. The tailor they choose seems uncomfortable with fitting the half-orcs, prompting a decision to outfit Rilka and Savaric as accompanying soldiers with impressive uniforms.


They then go shopping for horses, saddles, and other supplies for the journey. Ilona expresses excitement to be traveling again.

The party then visits Danu Berstrom, a purveyor of magical potions, trinkets, and the like, to discuss selling their magic scrolls and to perhaps buy another. He welcomes them to the shop and remembers them well, though not being dressed so well as now. Surm negotiates the sale of some potions and scrolls to Danu and then brings up the fact that he would like to buy a scroll of Animate Dead.

“Why would you want that?” Danu asks, distaste clear in his voice.

“I find that it comes in handy when fighting an aberration from another plane and when you need to carry a lot of goods,” explains Surm. “Is it illegal? Or merely distasteful?”

Danu explains that it is merely distasteful and that he doesn’t carry such a thing. However, if they insist upon finding one, they might try the night market. Mõrvar asks if he can recommend a magical weapons dealer and Danu suggests Aethel Troos. Rilka recalls that this was the person with whom they dealt last time they were in Jenna. With that, the party makes their way from the shop.

At the shop of Aethel Troos, Savaric inquires after composite longbows. She has one available, but not a price that Savaric is willing or able to pay. Mõrvar would like to see her greatswords, of which she has two. Mõrvar decides against the purchase. Savaric sells back the magical longbow that he had bought from her the last time they came in.

They then go to see a more mundane weaponsmith about crafting a masterwork greatsword on order for Mõrvar. It will take eleven days, but it can be done. The sword will have a black tongue, a silver crossguard, and a pearl handle with the name of the blade etched upon it.

The group then discusses the possibility of hiring a professional valet/porter to watch over their goods while they explorer various places. Various scenarios are presented, but in the end, it is decided to forgo the hireling. They also discuss the dispensation of their group funds.

That night, the party goes to the night market. It is a seedy place, with darkened stalls and many shadowy corners. Asking about for a purveyor of scrolls, they are directed to Zanu. Zanu’s shop is small, comprised of a small building with a stall affixed to its front. The man himself is a shady-looking character in dingy, black robes. Surm asks him for a scroll of Animate Dead. Zanu responds by asking if he wants an arcane scroll or a divine one. Surm says that he wants an arcane scroll. “It’s a pricey proposition,” the man says carefully and names his price—eight hundred gold pieces.

The group discusses whether or not it will be paid for individually or by the group. Everyone ends up chipping in for the scroll. “Bloody bones, bloody bones,” Furfur cackles.

5 Ardor 508

Rilka looks into the possibility of placing her money in the Bank of Eacenia. The man at the banking hall does explain the way that the process works to her: a one-time 1% fee for depositing and the multiple branches in cities in Eacenia at which one could withdraw with the proper writ and proof of identity (signet, signature, etc.). However, she is told that her prospects are “very discouraging” for being able to do business with them. She makes her way out.

Savaric and Mõrvar discuss the possibility of investing in various ventures in the city before deciding to wait until they get to Leilior.

Surm conducts his own business in town.

15 Ardor 508

Finally, all business in Jenna has been conducted. Mõrvar has his masterwork weapon and the party is ready to depart. In the interim, they decided to go via the pass at Riverton as opposed to Wycliff since they had already lost so much time in Jenna.

This morning, the party heads out of Jenna on Scribner Way East and leaves the city en route to Riverton. There is traffic this morning on the road near the city, but that soon gives way the further the party travels east. The day is warm and uneventful, and, at sundown, the party makes camp off the road. They prepare a fire and set guard shifts: Surm, then Rilka, then Savaric, and finally Mõrvar. The night passes without incident.

16 Ardor 508

That morning, in the camp, Savaric speaks to Ilona about Furfur, asking her opinion on the strange bird. She says that he’s “very crass.”


As the party continues down the road that morning, Savaric and Surm spot something in some nearby brush. Savaric is able to identify it as a body. Savaric stops to investigate. The rest of the party stops as well. He finds a man in commoner’s clothes, covered in blood, with a slit throat. Looking around the area, he finds goblin tracks.

Savaric wants to hunt them down, while Mõrvar couldn’t care less and just wants to move on. Savaric and Surm examine the body and determine that the man was probably killed a few hours ago. Surm brings up the possibility of a bounty on goblins in the next town. At the very least, they know that they are in the area. They could take them out with a preemptive strike or wait and see if they are accosted later by the foul creatures. It’s decided to pursue the goblins.

Savaric tracks the goblins into the forest to a large hedge of brambles. Mõrvar, Savaric, and Surm stalk stealthily forward toward the brambles while Rilka waits behind with the horses. Furfur is invisible on Mõrvar’s shoulder.

Inside the brambles, which catch on all of their clothing as they try to stealthily make their way through, the three make their way toward a clearing in the center. They all see still forms through the brambles in the clearing, but Savaric notes that the forms are actually six goblins—5 prone and sleeping with the sixth sitting up with his back to them, picking his nose. Savaric slowly and carefully changes out his weapons and draws his bow, hoping to take out the one that’s awake. Surm and Mõrvar position themselves to deliver coup de graces to two of the sleeping ones.

Savaric fires two rapid arrows at the goblin—and misses with both. Mõrvar and Surm slay their sleeping targets and the goblin that is awake turns, its finger still up its nose and screams incoherently at Savaric. Furfur flies off and Ilona comforts Savaric on his missed shots.

The goblin rushes forward toward Savaric and attacks, hitting him with the short sword it carries in its other hand. Surm turns and starts running through the brambles, yelling for Rilka. Savaric draws his sword and misses the goblin. Mõrvar, meanwhile, slays another two sleeping goblins in one blow.

The goblin takes another swing at Savaric and misses. Savaric misses the goblin. Mõrvar slays the final, oblivious sleeping goblin.

The goblin takes another swing at Savaric and misses, but this time Savaric hits the creature with Edgefrost. Mõrvar moves into a flanking position against the remaining goblin and swings, slaying the creature. Furfur flies back, cackling “Blood and bones, blood and bones.”

By this time, Rilka and Surm have met each other at the edge of the brambles. Surm explains that there are goblins in there and Rilka heads in, expecting trouble. She finds the clearing and discovers Savaric and Mõrvar searching it and the bodies of the slain goblins.

Savaric finds a bit of overturned earth at the center of the clearing. Mõrvar digs it up by turning his Traveler’s Any-Tool into a spade. Buried there, they find a sack of coins, gold and silver. Finally, everyone emerges from the brambles to load up and head back to the road leading east.

The rest of the day and night are uneventful.

17 Ardor 508

The day’s travel is uneventful and quiet. The road is in good repair and it is a warm, summer day in the forest. At sundown, the party finally arrives at Riverton. As the party reminiscence about their last visit to the town, they decide to pay a visit to the shrine of Wygulf Darkbane in the morning. Surm asks about for the most upscale inn in Riverton, and they decide on the Rampant Unicorn.


The party then enters the very spacious inn, filled with merchants and other well-to-do folk and their guards. They go to the innkeep who promptly lets them know that they can’t serve all of them. Everyone in the inn have been eying half-orcs since they came inside.

“Why not?” Surm asks.

“Because we have a reputation to maintain.”

Disgusted, the half-orcs leave.

Mõrvar asks if their money isn’t any good here, indicating the half-orcs. The innkeep responds that he doesn’t know how they came by that money, so no. Surm even offers to pay twice the rate for the half-orcs to stay, but the innkeeper insists that their reputation is on the line.

Mõrvar has had enough. He intimidates the innkeep into allowing Rilka and Savaric to stay, but at twice the rate. The crowd, who has been watching the spectacle, murmurs. Furfur sits on Mõrvar’s shoulder and cackles. Surm shakes hands with the barkeep, but instills in him the touch of the grave. The barkeep is shaken. Surm says that he almost made an enemy this night. He then demands that someone come and fetch their things. A boy is summoned and, once the half-orcs are retrieved from outside the inn, everyone heads upstairs. “It’s a shame,” Ilona says to Savaric, “I’m sure they’d like you once they got to know you.”

They arrange to have a suite. It is made up of a sitting room and three bedchambers. Everyone cleans up and dons their new courtier’s clothes and heads downstairs. When they hit the common room, they can tell that conversations become muted. Surm looks down his nose at everyone as they walk about to select a table, and chooses a centrally-located spot. He then summons a table wench to take their dinner order. He orders the banquet for everyone and Savaric gets a bottle of their best liquor, Acheran brandy.

Service is slow, but the banquet is abundant as course after course comes out. Rilka spends most of their multi-course dinner looking for threats while Surm tries to maintain a facade of gentility and class—a facade that Mõrvar ruins by announcing to the room that “Wine is for pussies”, noting the drink of choice for most in the room. Much to his chagrin, none of the women in the room seem to be interested in Mõrvar. The only one in the room who doesn’t seem to notice the party as something outre is a paladin of Barthal, who sits alone and minds his own business.

Surm eavesdrops on a nearby conversation, hoping to hear of someone heading through the pass. He does hear someone at one nearby table mention the pass and that arrangements have been made to stay in Glofthall. Surm politely inserts himself into the conversation, saying that he overheard that they were going through the pass and would they be interested in joining forces for safety during the journey. The merchant at the table allows that they are going through the pass, in the morning at that. As to joining forces, he simply shrugs and says “It’s a free road.” Surm is not encouraged by the conversation that the group actually wants to join with theirs.

After dinner, everyone heads upstairs to sleep. Savaric sleeps in the sitting room on the couch while the others take the bedchambers.

Session Twenty-Six

25 Illumination 508


The party is in the altar room with the double-doors shut against the gate room. Furfur flies back to Mõrvar’s shoulder. Brother Thorne indicates the bloody skeletons standing eerily still with Surm and asks “What manner of abominations are these?”

Surm explains that he used the scroll they found in the scriptorium to raise the skeletons in the gate room to help against the Gibbering Mouther. “Can you not put them back?” asks the priest. Surm cannot. Then the priests readies himself and offers to put them to rest. Surm asks him to stay his hand, citing the practicality of having more hands to haul loot out of the pyramid and to fight creatures should the need arise. Everyone else in the party agrees with Surm. The priest is clearly not happy, but acquiesces.

Next the party discusses and catalogs the gear found on the skeletons and how to divvy it up. On one of the skeletons is a silver ring, which Surm gives to Mõrvar. Both experience a profound loss of experience when handle the ring. Surm puts on the ring and hears a female voice converse with him in Tradespeak in his head. “You’re not Matyas. . .” The ring, which is called Ilona, seems saddened by the loss of Matyas. It comes out that Surm doesn’t “feel right”, that he is “too bound”. The ring allows its bearer to hide. Finally Surm takes off the ring and gives it to Savaric. He, on the other hand, “feels right”. Apparently his alignment is more to Ilona’s liking.

Surm tries on the lightweight armor on one of the skeletons and wills himself to fly, and flies about the high-ceilinged room. He also tries on the broad belt found on one of the skeletons and feels his strength increase by a significant amount. They already know about Edgefrost, having secured that weapon during the fight with the Mouther.

After a debate about who should get what, it is decided to “draw straws”. Rilka gets the armor, Surm gets the sword, Mõrvar gets the belt, and Savaric gets the ring. Surm gives Savaric the sword Edgefrost to fight with during their time in the pyramid.

Mõrvar then has a brief conversation with Furfur. He asks the raven who named him. The bird shrugs. “Are you from this world?” The bird winks at him. “Do you know how to destroy the pentagram?” The bird caws “No!” and hops from foot to foot.


Finally, the party returns to the large, lavish bedroom and begins to search it again when another Shadow creature attacks. Brother Thorne calls upon the light of Halor and attacks the Shadow, but also inadvertently kills one of Surm’s skeletons. Mõrvar finally slays the creature after it attacks and injures the priest. Surm has one of the skeletons carry its fallen comrade and the party continues to make its way toward the staircase leading out of the upper level of the pyramid. They have gathered all of the rugs from the bedroom and rolled them up, hoping to sell them at market in Jenna.

On the spiral staircase, the party is accosted by yet another Shadow. Once again, the priest calls upon the power of his god and two more skeletons fall. This time Savaric deals the final blow to the Shadow.

Finally, the party makes it to the second level and barricades themselves into one of the bedrooms to camp for the night. After about an hour, to the disgust of Brother Thorne and the fascinated delight of Surm and Mõrvar, the skeletons that fell in battle rise again. Furfur laughs, his cackles echoing in spacious room.

26 Illumination 508

The party gathers up their rugs and takes them downstairs towards the first level of the pyramid. Furfur keeps looking back at the priest and the skeletons and snickering. However, Mõrvar is surprised by a Shadow creature on the staircase and is touched by its cold fingers. Savaric eventually takes it out. They take the rugs to the entryway of the pyramid and shut the front door of the pyramid. They then travel downstairs to the treasure room to gather the treasures there and return to the entryway door. Miraculously, they make this journey unaccosted by Shadows.

Calculating the time between now and nightfall, the party decide that they don’t want to be caught in the jungle at night, so they decide to spend the rest of the day and night encamped in the entry way of the pyramid. Savaric and Ilona talk in his head for much of the day.

27 Illumination 508

The party rises bright and early and leaves the city down the broad avenue by which they entered. They find the hacked trail they left through the jungle and follow it through much of the day to their base camp, arriving on the beach around sundown.

The camp is much as they left it, if a bit dirtier and damper.

30 Illumination 508


Food stores are starting to run low and the party is speculating on the effects of half rations. Fortunately, near sunset, they see a ship out on the horizon. It is The Blackmore Lady. A rowboat makes its way to shore with the first mate, Dunamaer, at the helm. She helps them load their gear and booty into the rowboat.

Finally, Brother Thorne summons the light of Halor upon the skeletons, bearing them all low. He then takes out a flask of holy water and sprinkles it upon their bones, ensuring that they will not rise again.

They all load into the rowboat, with Furfur on the prow, and head to the ship.

The captain welcomes them aboard and turns the ship toward Jenna.

3 Ardor 508

At the port in Jenna, the party has a distasteful encounter with the port authority where they are charged hefty import duties on their booty, as imports for sale. However, it is an indication of the sheer amount of booty they have. Upon disembarking, Rilka, Surm, Savaric, and Brother Thorne head to the temple of Halor to see if they will allow them to use the temple as a base from which to sell all of these goods. Mõrvar and Furfur will head to the Dusty Cartright to secure them all rooms and baths and such. Mõrvar also intends to see if Seela is still there and to hook up with her once again.

At the temple, the party meet Abbot Sylus and are told that the temple will, indeed, allow them to use them as a base of operations in this instance, considering Brother Thorne’s role in the expedition. Also, for the tithing of 100 gold pieces, they would be willing to cast Restoration upon Rilka and cure her of her affliction. She accepts and is cured, having her Constitution restored. At this point, the party begins to sell off their bounty and split up their proceeds. . .

Session Twenty-Five
The Gate

24 Illumination 508 (cont’d)


The party stands at the base of the staircase heading into the second level of the pyramid. Mõrvar determines that, from an architectural standpoint, there are probably three levels to the pyramid (if all three levels follow the same scheme). The stairway is wide and steep. Savaric takes point, looking for traps, with Surm and Mõrvar behind him. Rilka and Brother Thorne take up the rear.

As the party makes their way up the staircase, Rilka is attacked by one of the Shadow creatures that have beset them throughout this journey. Fortunately, it misses her. The party rallies Rilka. Brother Thorne moves to allow Mõrvar to come into the fray. The priest also brings forth the light of Halor against the creature. Surm casts mage armor on Rilka to give her further protection as the creature touches her, draining her of her strength. Finally, Mõrvar finishes the creature off and it dissipates back into the darkness.

The party regroups and continues back up the stairs. They finally come to the top of the landing and find that can continue straight down a corridor or turn to the right. They continue straight. Continuing down the corridor, they come across a set of double-doors to their right, or the corridors continues. They decide to investigate the double-doors. Savaric checks them for traps, and finds none. They are unlocked. Surm suggests that the ranger look for signs of the previous party, the one that explored the area a century before. The half-orc finds none near the door (the current party has already messed up any chance of that), but does find signs of movement further down the corridor. Satisfied that they are on the right track, the party decides to open the double-doors.

The door opens into a large scriptorium. Racks of scrolls line the floor, as do several large, closed wooden cabinets. Several of the scrolls have been disturbed and have crumbled to dust on the floor. Savaric, Mõrvar, and Surm search the room while Rilka and Brother Thorne keep watch for more shadows. The room is illuminated by the sorcerous light provided by Mõrvar.

Over the course of their searching, the three discover that the cabinets hold more scrolls. Also, Surm discovers two metal scroll cases with indecipherable script written upon them. Savaric discovers another metal scroll case with the same indecipherable script. Opening the scroll cases carefully reveals carefully written scrolls on thin paper. Surm is able to read the two of the scrolls—one is for an Animate Dead spell, the other is for a Bestow Curse spell. He is unable to decipher the third scroll. Neither is Mõrvar. Surm attempts to take one of the other scrolls from the rack, but it crumbles in his fingers.


The party then leaves the scriptorium and returns to the hallway. Savaric attempts to track the previous group. He tracks them straight along the corridor, to a right turn at the back wall of the floor. Turning right, the party finds a series of four bedrooms, each well-furnished with a bed, a well-made rug, a wardrobe, and side table. Inside the wardrobe are well-made, but outdated clothing. Mõrvar appraises the rug alone to be worth seventy-five gold pieces. In three of the four bedrooms, money of a strange mint is found stashed away.

In the fourth bedroom, as they are searching, a Shadow emerges from beneath the nightstand to assault Mõrvar! The party rallies and Brother Thorne calls upon Halor’s light once again, but Mõrvar finally strikes the killing blow against the creature and it dissipates—but not before its cold touch weakens the sorcerer-fighter.

The corridor circles back down and the party finds that they can turn to the left, continue down, or they can check out set of double doors to their left. They decide to check out the double-doors. These open into a large library. Rows of narrow bookcases line the room. The party enters and begins their usual search protocol. As they begin to search, Surm notices a raven suddenly appear on one of the bookshelves. The large bird then takes off and flies across the room, shitting on Brother Thorne in the process, and lands on another bookshelf.


After a series of frustrating interactions with the bird, they determine that its name is Furfur, that it is “more than a raven”, that it was here when the previous party came through, and that they met their fate upstairs at “The Gate”. It seems to be able to talk, somewhat, and is intelligent. It likes to dodge questions with a wink. It also seems to have taken a liking to Mõrvar—who seems to have taken a liking to the bird.

Furfur settles on Mõrvar’s shoulder as the party makes their way from the library and back into the corridor. As the party makes their way down the left corridor, on the other side of the series of bedrooms, Surm notices that the raven, who is “more than a raven”, preens and keeps looking back at Brother Thorne in a mocking manner.

About halfway down the corridor, a door is found on the left. Savaric checks it out, but no traps are found. The door is unlocked. It opens into a large room with a wide spiral staircase leading up. They decide to leave the staircase until they finish with this floor. They return to the corridor and head down to the final turn. Here they encounter, once again, a series of four, well-apportioned bedrooms. The party searches all of the bedrooms and find nothing further of interest.

Finally, the party heads for the spiral staircase. As they head up to what Mõrvar believes to be the final level, they encounter yet another of the Shadow creatures. During the fight, Furfur seems to turn invisible on Mõrvar’s shoulder. After a brief fight, Rilka delivers the killing blow.

The staircase ends at a large landing with a door. Savaric checks it for traps and finds none. It is unlocked. After a brief discussion of a plan by Surm, they open the and Surm casts dancing lights inside. Looking about, sure enough, Surm sees one of the Shadow creatures lurking about, avoiding the lights. They shut the door.

Now they go in with a new plan. Rilka and Mõrvar burst in with the priest on their heels, ready to channel his energy at the first sign of spotting the creature. Surm casts his lights about and, once again, the creature is there. It rushes forward toward Rilka and Mõrvar. Brother Thorne calls upon the light of Halor, but it seems to have no effect upon the creature. Rilka is touched and turns pale as as a great deal of strength drains from her body. Finally, the creature is dispatched, but Rilka is in bad shape. They retreat to the first bedroom they encountered to camp and to recover.

25 Illumination 508

The next morning, Brother Thorne casts two lesser restoration spells upon Rilka and Mõrvar and takes one of his vials of potions. The party then regroups and heads back upstairs.

The room where they defeated the Shadow the previous day appears to be a large study and alchemical lab. The chemicals in the lab apparatus have long since evaporated, but the rig seems to be intact. A long row of books, written in that indecipherable script, line the back wall. The party searches the room out but find nothing further of interest. There is a curtain covering an arched doorway along one wall, the party enter the arched doorway to find a large bedchamber. The room is lavishly furnished with a large bed, wardrobe, brass bathtub, rugs, etc. As the party begin to search it out, a Shadow detaches itself from the wall and attacks Savaric! The creature is quickly dispatched. Nothing further of interest is found in the bedroom.

Another curtained arched doorway leads into a large altar room. Another hideous idol to whatever dark god was being venerated down below dominates the room. Another bloodstained altar lies here as well as two long-extinguished braziers. The party search this room as well and find nothing of interest.

Finally, a set of double doors lie between them and the next room. The party believes, based on their mapping of the area and Furfur’s talk of the party coming up here, that this is the final room of the pyramid. If the previous party came up here, this must be where their bodies lay. Surm asks Furfur about the shut doors, if the party that came before them shut them. The raven only winks at him, infuriating him. Rilka says a prayer for courage to Bruni. Savaric opens the doors.

The doors upon a large room. In the center of the room is a large, bloody pentagram, the blood looking thick and wet despite the years. A sickly glow emanates from the center of the pentagram, causing Savaric to become sick. Around the pentagram are four skeletal corpses, held together by their gear.

The party begins to discuss their options and what could have happened here so long ago. No one knows how to shut off this gate or what to do about it. Brother Thorne thinks it was open when the party got here a hundred years ago, that they didn’t open it. That’s all he can tell about it. Mõrvar begins to mage hand weapons from inside the room to them, starting with the longsword that one of the corpses is wielding.


He manages to get the longsword—which has the word “Edgefrost” written in Leilioran on the blade—to Savaric when the air in the room displaces and suddenly, in the center of the pentagram is a creature of nightmare. Its body is a mass of flesh covered in hungry, toothy maws. All of those mouths let loose a cacophonous scream as it enters the room, causing the party to cover its ears. It begins to squelch its way toward the door, not bound by the pentagram in any way. Furfur takes off from Mõrvar’s shoulder and flies to the back of the altar room, turning invisible.

As the rest of the party forms a battle line, Surm rushes into the pentagram room. He skirts around the pentagram and the creature and makes his way around to the far side to the corpses lying there. He begins to drag them toward the near side of the room.

Meanwhile, the creature slowly makes its way through the door to the waiting party. It seems to focus on Rilka and bites at her with its many mouths, scoring several hits. The others seem to be having a hard time hitting its amorphous body. Rilka scores a few hits, but it keeps biting Rilka and then manages to latch on to suck her blood. She must then try to detach herself from the odious creature. Brother Thorne casts healing spells on Rilka to keep her body and spirit alive.

Finally, Surm has gathered all of the corpses together. He then removes the scroll he found in the scriptorium and casts animate dead on the corpses of the previous party. They rise as bloody skeletons. He then orders them to attack what he knows to be a Gibbering Mouther, a foul aberration. The abominations do his bidding and attack the creature from the rear.

Finally, Mõrvar strikes the killing blow on the creature. It shakes and gibbers no more, sinking to the floor, a mass of lifeless flesh…

To be continued…


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