Shadows Stir in the East…


Since the beginning of this Age, after the fall of the Aedonii and the Ysar, the Rift has cast a shadow upon the lands of their low descendants. Each morning, as the sun rises over the cragged spires and sends tendrils of darkness crawling toward the western kingdoms, we are reminded of our fall from grace, of when the Old Gods abandoned us to the New, and how they spat their curse upon us as they turned the Wheel of Ages anew and left us forever…
—From the Journals of the Acheran, year 447 of the Age of Tears

Adventuring in the Lands of Zaldara

“Shadows of the Rift” is a Pathfinder campaign of high adventure in a land now emerging from the darkness of cataclysm into a renaissance of adventure and magic.

This is my very first Pathfinder campaign—so I beg the indulgence of my players and any visitors to our campaign home.


—The Management

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Shadows of the Rift

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