A city in the Leilioran Highlands, located on the northern panhandle of the nation.

Skeene was founded as a fishing village back in the days of the Rhuadir and is said to be named for a mighty priest of Nimar who defended the town from a great evil that sprang from beneath the waves early in the history of the settlement.

Skeene is a relatively insular community that relies heavily on the rule of law in its relations with others. Like many Midron communities, it harbors some degree of prejudice against Southrons and other outsiders. However, due to its prosperity, the city is undergoing a fair amount change and a more cosmopolitan outlook is starting to come to the fore. Nevertheless, old prejudices die hard and it would be easy for opportunistic folk to tap into them for their own gain…


Boar’s head on black and orange.

Stat Block

LN Small City

Corruption +2
Crime -1
Economy +3
Law +3
Lore +2
Society -2

Qualities: Prosperous, Tourist Attraction
Danger: 5
Government: Overlord (Lord Mayor)
Population: 8500 (10% Elf/Half-Elf, 8% Halfling, 8% Dwarf, 2% Half-Orc)
Notable NPCs:

  • Lochlan Gallacher (Lord Mayor)
  • Kyra Feldane (Captain of the Watch)

Base Value: 6160 gp
Purchase Limit: 37,500 gp
Spellcasting: 6th
Minor: 4d4; Medium: 3d4; Major: 1d6

Taxes and Tariffs

Gate Tax 2 cp/person ; 5 cp/livestock
Duties 3% on all imports for sale
Tariffs 3% on all alcohol, tobacco, controlled substances
Harbor Tax 5 gp per day
Property Tax 5% annually
Head Tax 1 cp annually for Serfs
1 sp annually for Freeman
1 gp annually for Nobility

Money Changing

Purchases with non-Leilioran coins may be marked up by as much as 3%.


The city of Skeene is ruled by its Lord or Lady Mayor. The post is usually appointed by the Crown. The current Lord Mayor is Lord Lochlan Gallacher.

The Lord Mayor appoints all of the major positions in the city save those of the clergy.

The Lord Chamberlain presides over the city’s bureaucracy. This bureaucracy is devoted primarily to the maintenance of the city treasury and the collection of taxes. The Lord Chamberlain also heads the defense of the inner keep and is the keeper of all the city’s records.

The High Magistrate presides over the city’s court system. He appoints lesser magistrates for each of the city’s districts.

The Captain of the Watch presides over the city’s militia and local enforcement of the Lord Mayor’s law.

The Harbormaster presides over the city’s harbor watch and collects duties and tariffs in the Lord Mayor’s name.

Points of Interest

Skeene is known for its sizeable harbor which sports a massive set of fountains dedicated to Nimar (Lady of the Waves).

Food and Lodging


Blue Heron: A modest inn that caters to travelers of all sorts.
Blackhook’s Bolthole: A mean inn in the harbor district catering to rough folk of all races.
The Restful Bard: A comfortable inn near the market district that caters to those that like comfortable beds and good tune with dinner. The owner is a retired Bard.
The Brass Crown: A modest inn in the city’s mercantile district.
Nine Sisters Inn: Modest inn near the city’s northern gate that caters to travelers. Named for the owner’s nine sisters
Pale Knight: Fancy inn near the city’s center.

Blue Heron Blackhook’s Restful Bard Brass Crown Nine Sisters Pale Knight
Common Room (poor) 2 sp 1 sp 2 sp 2 sp
Common Room (common) 5 sp 2 sp 5 sp 5 sp
Room (Private) 2 gp 1 gp 2 gp 2 gp 2 gp 3 gp
Suite (small) 4 gp 3 gp 4 gp 4 gp 4 gp 5 gp
Suite (avg.) 16 gp 16 gp 18 gp
Suite (Luxury) 32 gp 40 gp
Meal (poor) 3 cp 2 cp 3 cp 3 cp 3 cp 5 cp
Meal (common) 1 sp 5 cp 1 sp 1 sp 1 sp 2 sp
Meal (good) 2 sp 1 sp 2 sp 2 sp 2 sp 3 sp
Banquet (per person) 10 gp 12 gp
Bath (cold) 2 cp 1 cp 2 cp 2 cp 2 cp 2 cp
Bath (hot) 6 cp 3 cp 6 cp 6 cp 6 cp 6 cp
Stabling 5 sp 6 sp 5 sp 5 sp 6 sp
Laundry (4 articles) 1 sp 1 sp 2 sp
Mending (per article) 3 cp 3 cp 4cp
Strongbox (per night) 2 sp 2 sp 2 sp 2 sp 3 sp
Companion 5 sp 5 gp
Ale (mug) 4 cp 3 cp 4 cp 4 cp 4 cp 5 cp
Ale (gallon) 2 sp 1 sp 2 sp 2 sp 2 sp 3 sp
Wine (common/pitcher) 2 sp 1 sp 2 sp 2 sp 2 sp 3 sp
Wine (fine/bottle) 10 gp 10 gp 10 gp 12 gp
Liquor/Tonics (cup) 1 sp 5 cp 1 sp 1 sp 1 sp 2 sp

Bronze Helm Taproom: A modest tavern near the city’s militia barracks, frequented by soldiers.
Scarlet Rogue: A dive bar on the wharves that caters mostly to scum.
Frog & Phoenix: A modest, “country” tavern near the city’s northern gates.
Scrivener’s Hall: A modest bar that caters to the clerks of the court and such near the city center.
Tipsy Lion: A small, common bar near docks.
Crystal Griffin: A well-to-do establishment near the city center.

Bronze Helm Scarlet Rogue Frog & Phoenix Scrivener’s Hall Tipsy Lion Crystal Griffon
Companion 1 gp
Ale (mug) 4 cp 3 cp 4 cp 4 cp 4 cp 5 cp
Ale (gallon) 2 sp 1 sp 2 sp 2 sp 2 sp 3 sp
Wine (common/pitcher) 2 sp 1 sp 2 sp 2 sp 2 sp 3 sp
Wine (fine/bottle) 10 gp 10 gp 10 gp 12 gp
Liquor/Tonics (cup) 1 sp 5 cp 1 sp 1 sp 1 sp 2 sp


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