Mõrvar's Journal


The Defeat/Kill List

General Foes:

Orc – 1

Blood Skeleton – 5
Lord Quain Guard – 12
Kobald – 4
Skulk – 1
Margarthar Mountain Guard – 10
Ghost Cloak – 1
Gremlin Hag – 1
Gremlin – 1
Forest Drake – 1
Shadow – 5
Gibbering Mouther – 1
Goblin – 4
Fire Drake – 1
Dire Wolf – 1
Troll – 1
Priest of Yorn – 3 (beheaded 20)

Notable Defeat/Kills:

Margarthar – War Lord who sacked Aeth
Margarthar’s Witch – Summond a goat deamon to sack Aeth
High Priest of Yorn – High Priest of Yorn held responsible for death of king in Yera
Doralia – 1/2 Elf follower of Moria who sacked Yera

Morvat’s plan for a New World Order

Morvar: Lord Morvar Ulrich – Emperor of Jossia and Defender of the North
Surm: Lord Surm Ulrich – Emperor of Jossia and Voice of the People
Rilka: General Rilka – Master at Arms, Supreme Commander of Northern Forces
Savaric: General Savaric – Master Hunter and General of Scouts and Trackers
General of Rosemede
General of Josemede
Kings of Villages

Ulrich Personal Guard (currently):

Mahgnus: Footman
Kortash: Porter
Barask: Porter
Alasir: Captain Alasir – Captain of Personal Guard
Alfhild: Sargent Alfhild

Break Down:
Still working on details, but looking at maybe a Constitutional Oligarchy set up.

Mõrvar's Journal

Shadows of the Rift Butcher