Aldasar is the capital city of Leilior it lies on a tributary of the Mondira River near the center of the country.

Generally speaking, Leilioran lands north of Aldasar are considered to be part of the “Highlands”, while lands south are termed the “Lowlands”.


Golden crown on red field.

Stat Block

LN Large City

Corruption +2
Crime +2
Economy +5
Law +3
Lore +5
Society +1

Qualities: Academic, Prosperous, Rumormongering Citizens, Strategic Location, Tourist Attraction
Danger: +10
Government: Autocracy (Lord Mayor)
Population: 18,000 (14% Elf/Half-Elf, 8% Halfling, 10% Dwarf, 4% Half-Orc)
Notable NPCs:

  • Fearghus Ma’leod (Lord Mayor, Baron of Aldasar)
  • Saraid Clyne (Captain of the Guard)
  • Kyril Oberon (Half-Elf Bard Trainer)
  • Lady Eowyn Ma’trosen (minor noble, birthday is early Starfall)
  • Lord Cannach Ma’leod (minor noble)
  • Lord Colbyn Ma’dowel (minor noble, owns land outside of the city proper, harsh man)
  • Lady Balyn Ma’alister (minor noble, known as a kind mistress, owns land outside of city proper)
  • Master Eoin Clyne (Sage at the University)
  • Mother Fiona Olanan (Priestess of Cereth and Sage at the University)
  • Ianes Redstaff (Wizard for Hire)

Base Value: 12,800 gp
Purchase Limit: 75,000 gp
Spellcasting: 7th
Minor: 4d4; Medium: 3d4; Major: 2d4

Taxes and Tariffs

Gate Tax 2 cp/person ; 5 cp/livestock
Duties 3% on all imports for sale
Tariffs 3% on all alcohol, tobacco, controlled substances
Harbor Tax 5 gp per day
Property Tax 5% annually
Head Tax 1 cp annually for Serfs
1 sp annually for Freeman
1 gp annually for Nobility

Money Changing

Purchases with non-Leilioran coins may be marked up by as much as 3%.


The city of Aldasar is ruled by its Lord Mayor, the Baron of Aldasar. The post is inherited through the family of Ma’leod. The current Lord Mayor is Lord Fearghus Ma’leod.

The Lord Mayor appoints all of the major positions in the city save those of the clergy.

The Lord Exchequer presides over the city’s bureaucracy. This bureaucracy is devoted primarily to the maintenance of the city treasury and the collection of taxes. The Lord Exchequer is also the keeper of all the city’s records.

The High Magistrate presides over the city’s court system. He appoints lesser magistrates for each of the city’s districts.

The Captain of the Guard presides over the city’s militia and local enforcement of the Lord Mayor’s law.

The Harbormaster presides over the city’s harbor watch and collects duties and tariffs in the Lord Mayor’s name.

Points of Interest

The Royal Palace is centrally located in the city atop Ma’Geddes Hill. The residence of the Lord Mayor is located nearby.

Aldasar is home to a small university, located near the city center.

Tierion’s Emporium does a brisk business in various magical items.

Food and Lodging


Scarlet Charger: A modest inn that caters to travelers of all sorts.
Laughing Goblin: A mean inn in the harbor district catering to rough folk of all races.
Uilliam’s Resting Place: A comfortable inn near the market district.
Mainecraft’s Chalice: A modest inn near the city’s south gate.
Broken Bow: Modest inn near the city’s eastern gate that caters to travelers.
Umbergrow and Waigh’s: Fancy inn near the city’s center.

Scarlet Charger Laughing Goblin Uilliam’s Resting Place Mainecraft’s Chalice Broken Bow Umbergrow and Waigh’s
Common Room (poor) 2 sp 1 sp 2 sp 2 sp
Common Room (common) 5 sp 2 sp 5 sp 5 sp
Room (Private) 2 gp 1 gp 2 gp 2 gp 2 gp 3 gp
Suite (small) 4 gp 3 gp 4 gp 4 gp 4 gp 5 gp
Suite (avg.) 16 gp 16 gp 18 gp
Suite (Luxury) 32 gp 40 gp
Meal (poor) 3 cp 2 cp 3 cp 3 cp 3 cp 5 cp
Meal (common) 1 sp 5 cp 1 sp 1 sp 1 sp 2 sp
Meal (good) 2 sp 1 sp 2 sp 2 sp 2 sp 3 sp
Banquet (per person) 10 gp 12 gp
Bath (cold) 2 cp 1 cp 2 cp 2 cp 2 cp 2 cp
Bath (hot) 6 cp 3 cp 6 cp 6 cp 6 cp 6 cp
Stabling 5 sp 6 sp 5 sp 5 sp 6 sp
Laundry (4 articles) 1 sp 1 sp 2 sp
Mending (per article) 3 cp 3 cp 4cp
Strongbox (per night) 2 sp 2 sp 2 sp 2 sp 3 sp
Companion 5 sp 5 gp
Ale (mug) 4 cp 3 cp 4 cp 4 cp 4 cp 5 cp
Ale (gallon) 2 sp 1 sp 2 sp 2 sp 2 sp 3 sp
Wine (common/pitcher) 2 sp 1 sp 2 sp 2 sp 2 sp 3 sp
Wine (fine/bottle) 10 gp 10 gp 10 gp 12 gp
Liquor/Tonics (cup) 1 sp 5 cp 1 sp 1 sp 1 sp 2 sp

Three Billed Duck: A modest tavern near the city’s center.
Dented Mug: A dive bar run by a former mercenary who came into some money.
Pride of Bayris: A modest, “country” tavern near the city’s southwest gates.
Scarlet Queen: A modest bar near the city’s eastern gate.
Crossroads: A small, common bar near docks.
Tavern of the Blue Moon: A well-to-do establishment near the harbor.

Three Billed Duck Dented Mug Pride of Bayris Scarlet Queen Crossroads Tavern of the Blue Moon
Companion 1 gp
Ale (mug) 4 cp 3 cp 4 cp 4 cp 4 cp 5 cp
Ale (gallon) 2 sp 1 sp 2 sp 2 sp 2 sp 3 sp
Wine (common/pitcher) 2 sp 1 sp 2 sp 2 sp 2 sp 3 sp
Wine (fine/bottle) 10 gp 10 gp 10 gp 12 gp
Liquor/Tonics (cup) 1 sp 5 cp 1 sp 1 sp 1 sp 2 sp


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