Surm Ulrich - Group Funds

Last Paid = 9th of Growth


All paid at each city after goods sold = 10 gp 2 sp/day total + room & board

Name Post Pay/day Notes
Mahgnus Valet/Arist 8 1gp MW Rapier
Alasir War 8 1gp 6sp Captain, MW Agile BP, Lng Swd (1), Sht Spr, MW Hvy Wd Sh, dagger
Alfhild (F) War 8 1gp 6sp Sergeant, MW BP, Lng Swd (1), Sht Spr, Lt St Sh, dagger
Kortash War 7 6sp 1/2 O, MW Chn Shrt, MW Lng Swd, backpack
Burask War 7 6sp 1/2 O, MW Chn Shrt, MW Adamantine Grt Axe, backpack
Sorcha (F) War 8 6sp Chainmail (2), Lt St Sh, Lng Swd (1), Sht Swd, dagger
Garth War 7 6sp Chainmail (1), Lng Swd (1), Sht Spr, dagger
Halvor War 7 6sp Chainmail (1), MW War Ham, Sht Spr, Lt Xbow, dagger
Einar War 8 6sp Chainmail (1), MW Lng Swd, Sht Spr, MW Lng Comp Bow, dagger
Jerrik War 7 6sp Chainmail (1), Grt Axe (1), Sht Swd, Lt Xbow, dagger
Sigrid (F) War 6 6sp MW BP, Lng Swd (1), Sht Spr, MW Hvy Xbow, dagger
Tarben War 6 6sp MW Chn Shrt, Lng Swd (1), Sht Spr, dagger
Leif War 7 6sp MW Chn Shrt, Lng Swd, Sht Swd (1), Lt Xbow, dagger
  • = light riding horse, bit & bridle, riding saddle, saddlebag, bedroll, blanket, waterskin
Current Group Funds / Gear
Mule: bit & bridle, pack saddle 50’ hemp rope x2 empty backpack x9 empty sack x0
Large tents x2 (holds 4) Pavilion tent (holds 10) 50 candles Grapple x2
hammer, pitons x20 block/tackle Lantern/4 pints oil torches x10
manacles *bag foaming powder
sack (60 lb) #1-#12: trail rations = 314 days
sack #13-17: group coins
sack #18-22: Surm’s coins = 1,353 gp
PP: 2078 GP: 7,263 SP: 387 CP: 87
Vials: Cure L.W. x16 Cure M.W. x9 Cure S.W. Holy Water x9

The Crimson Cord Bylaws

1) Treasure is divided into 6 shares; two shares going to group funds

2) The daily wage scale:

1-4 lvl 3 sp / day (the basic, trained hireling wage)
5-8 lvl 6 sp / day *
9-12 lvl 1 gp / day *
13-16 lvl 2 gp / day *
17-20 lvl 4 gp / day *
Corporal +5 sp / day (probably don’t need one unless our numbers grow)
Sergeant +1 gp / day (I suspect Alfhilde will be promoted)
Captain +1gp / day + 3% total coin prior to share splits (Alasir’s new position)*

Additionally: room and board provided during on-duty hours, upgrade gear opportunities as they arrive (order to be determined by the Captain with the expectation that old gear be traded in), and bonus pay for guard/porter duties when knowingly/willfully entering hazardous situations with PCs. (Bonus: 1% of Group Fund share from the haul)

Green Adoni Obelisk and Lich notes at University in Kalimsport

-Kirirthterrix’s Fire – completed; a red dragon orb
The Heart of the World – rare metal in dwarf central, very secret
The Purple Lotus of Kadath – on another plane
The Dead God’s Dark Breath – huge skull with the frost giants
Orphans – Asdarii city (Derise) and Kalimsport (Angelette) = pick up during Ardor, take to Yrda

Lord Cranbarrow – Owes the Crimson Cord a favor
Lady Gynn – Owes the Crimson Cord a favor (smaller)

Surm Ulrich - Group Funds

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