Almaric Amberscale

The Foreigner


Almaric is an Midron older man, probably in his fifties with long grey/black hair and a beard to match. He has sharp grey eyes and a ready smile. He is of average build for a Midron, if thin.

Almaric is prone to long meanderings in his speech, eventually getting to the point after (sometimes) exasperating his more straightforward listeners.


Almaric is a Boraelan by birth but has traveled over much of Zaldara. He is a wizard by training, a pupil of the late wizard Bulsara. Some ten years ago (498 AT), Bulsara was murdered in a seemingly random coach robbery that Almaric suspects was the work of a rival, the noble-born wizard Lord Matrim Quain. He suspects that Quain was after, and gained, a grimoire much-prized by his master. Almaric has come to Josemeedt to hire burglars to retrieve the grimoire that is his by right of succession.

Almaric Amberscale

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